Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Free Stuff On Listia!

Listia - Saving Our Family Money!

Here you will find a sharing of something that can save your household money. This is a way that my wife saves our budget from being drained too much. She manages to "win" items that we would normally spend cash on. The expenditure is none, as most of these auctions offer free shipping. Some do charge a nominal shipping fee.
The site I am referring to is Listia. There you can list your household items as well as numerous other items, that you no longer need or use, for free. You can charge shipping or offer free shipping. You can also purchase items for free that you use around the home, or would like to have as gifts for others.

How Listia Works

How it works is when you register on the site, you gain some "credits". This gets you started and allows you to be able to start bidding on some smaller auctions using the credits. You can do some free offers to gain additional credits. This also helps you get established on the site.
You can list items you have around the home that you feel you can part with. When they "sell" for those credits, the credits go to your account and you build up credits that can be used for your additional purchases.
I will not go into the many items that are available there to purchase, nor the items that are allowed to be listed. All of that is on the site. At the time of this writing, Listia has listings of over 20,000 free items.
My wife has sold over 300 items there so far, and is selling and buying daily. At times our living room looks like a shipping office! Her trips to the Post Office is interesting, as she is carrying more and more items as she continues to build a good reputation and moves a lot of items.
It is like Christmas each day when the mail person arrives, as normally there are several packages if not a dozen or so arriving.
Overall, I have been amazed at what all we have gained for use around the house. Everything from computer tools and accessories, books, office supplies, paper, ink for the printer, cat toys, herbs, oils, collectibles, and the list goes on and on. All of these items would have cost us cash out of pocket, but were free using the "credit" based system on Listia.
Our Christmas shopping for the whole family was done on Listia this past year. Great gifts for all family members at no cost. Saved us hundreds of dollars! I am sold on how well my wife does there. It takes time to do it in volume as she does, but it works out for her as she is disabled and has the time to work at the computer and make this enjoyable and profitable for us.
I would recommend you check Listia out if you are interested in saving money. To me, money saved in this manner is the same as money earned for the household.

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