Tuesday, March 19, 2013

What Is Patronage?

Patronage Guidelines To Contemplate

From my experiences on this path I have seen many followers decide to request patronage. Since I only serve one patron I cannot comment on the many countless others that can be chosen.

Patronage generally becomes a consideration when an individual has come to a point that she or he cannot do something effectively by themselves. Patronage is not always accessible, and is something agreed upon to the mutual (it is to be hoped) benefit of patron and seeker. No one can determine the viability of patronage for you, other than you - it will be your agreement, your benefits and your cost.

My experiences with the Patron I serve is that I give to gain. There is nothing free in the exchange. I have never been asked to do something in a way that I haven't wanted to do myself. I have never been asked to make my life into a hellish misery in order to keep my patronage. Going by the experiences of others I have spoken to and their thoughts on this subject our thinking seems to be in accordance for the most part.

Many have heard my analogy about the loaf of bread. Please just bear with me I do think that it is important for me to reinforce it.

In this scenario you are told by your boss, or whomever has the control to require you to do something to bring back a loaf of bread. In this you have many options to pursue all which have their own consequences. This leads into the theory of "Cause and Effect." Here are just some of the major simplified options you could choose.

  • Stealing the Bread
  • Manipulating Someone to Steal the Bread
  • Tricking Someone into Giving You the Bread
  • Buying the Bread
  • Making the Bread

As we see all of these options have their own plus and minus effects. My patronage leaves the 'how', these ways of dealing, up to the individual and they may then use, to the best of their ability, the talents they have to accomplish the deed asked of them.

It is highly unlikely that anyone can blame their deeds or misdeeds as a result of their service to their patron. I have yet to see an order issued by a patron that if given a little thought, cannot be fulfilled in a way that is positive to the seeker. Furthermore, I would also say that it is equally as unlikely that anyone could be tricked, or forced into patronage against their own will. This would not be beneficial to either patron or seeker.

Punishment comes from trying to bypass the will of the patron you serve and act in a way that is contrary to the agreement you have made. If this is commonplace and you are punished frequently it might be best that you void your contract and go your own way. How this would be accomplished is beyond my level of understanding, or interest, as I have not met with dissatisfaction with the agreements or tasks I have undertaken with my patron.

Patronage: Will he cast his sword into the balance?

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