Wednesday, March 27, 2013

At Night The Rabbits Will Play

Lessons learned can come from the most unexpected places!

For a long time, I was lost and I wandered all along the countryside looking to find my way. I knew that I had to go North, but I had gotten all turned around and did not know which direction was North.

One morning I saw that the birds were singing and one group of beautiful birds in particular caught my attention with all their song and flew up over a hillside near some fragrant evergreens. As the sun rose brighter and warmer, I saw the path. It was a clay covered road and it smelled that good strong earthy smell.

It took me half the day to arrive at the red road and the sun was high in the sky by now. My stomach growled from the day's journey so I sat down on a large boulder, yellowish in color, and ate the sandwich that I had packed. I looked up and saw a large bird circling above me. Its head was a light color, maybe even white. It may have been Eagle, but I was not sure.

I looked at the road at my feet. I wanted to do a celebration dance for having found this place because I knew it was exactly what I had been searching for. This road led North and I knew in my heart that there would be many treasures here along my journey.

After lunch, leaving a few bites for Boulder and the critters who might happen to come here and feel the hunger that I had, I straightened my clothing and tied back my hair and walked. One foot in front of the other, sometimes skipping, sometimes inching along. By evening, with the sunset glowing in its deepest shades of reds and oranges and some streaks of pinks, the path led me alongside a thickly wooded grove.

I could hear a stream gurgling up ahead, yet to my left, my attention was distracted by the sweet call of berries. I knew that if I stayed on my path, I would find fresh water to quench my undeniable thirst and maybe even a fish for my dinner.

Against my better judgment I left the path and found the berries. I tasted one at first and finding them so delicious, I grabbed handfuls and stuffed them in my mouth. So sweet, so tasty! Satisfying my sweet cravings, I was ready to once again walk on the path. Yet, as I was so involved with finding the ripest, most delicious berries, I had weaved and intertwined myself so deeply into the thicket that I had once again lost my way back to the path.

I began walking in circles, panicking and afraid of never finding the path. I even thought "what if it actually never existed, what if it was all just a dream?" Then of all horrid things, I doubled over in pain as my belly heaved and bloated in the worst case of gas ever and finally exhorted itself from me with the worst smelling trail of stench ever! I tried jogging to avoid the smell of those gas-producing berries and yet the wind always seemed to change direction and blow it right in my face.

All at once, I froze in utter fear. Just ahead, I could hear a rustling in the tall grasses and the threatening growl of Bear. I suddenly realized that I was trampling all over Bear's territory and that I had been emitting a smell that would make any animal want to get rid of me. I started running when Bear saw me and I kept running until I was nearly all out of breath. Lo and behold, that Bear had chased right back to my path. While I had feared never finding it again, Bear showed me the way.

Once again on the trail that would lead me to the waters gurgling up ahead, I contemplated the lesson I had learned. First, I knew that my goal was to stay on my path. Second, I now knew that some temptations are sweet and delicious but will cause a big pain in the belly. Sometimes those temptations are quite deceptive and other times, you can tell right away by the thorns to just stay away. Third, I learned that Bear will always show me the way back to the path.

By the time I reached the fresh water, I had an unquenchable thirst and drank until my body flowed with liquid once again. I laid out my gear to rest here awhile as I could tell by the sky that it was almost midnight. I was ready for a good long sleep and dream-time after my exciting journey of lessons.

I took out my tobacco and offered it to the directions and thanked Bear in the West for helping me find my way back to the trail. As I laid on the ground and watched the stars, I noticed some movement near me. I sat up halfway, very slowly to see what it was. There, only a few feet from me, were two rabbits. They were chasing one another in circles. First, one would chase the other and then they would turn and the one who had been chased became the one chasing. It was delightful to watch the rabbits play this night. As I laid back down and closed my eyes, I thought "at night the rabbits will play". In the morning, the birds will sing. It is good.

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