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The Mystical & Mysterious - Threefold Return and Karma

How Karma And The Rule Of Three Are Connected

Rule of Three:

Ever mind the Rule of Three

Three times what thou givest returns to thee

This lesson well, thou must learn

Thee only gets what thou dost earn!

Threefold Return and Karma

The Law of Threefold Return basically states that whatever you do returns to you threefold, good or ill. Karma is the manifestation of that law in action. It isn't punishment, because it is simply a balancing out of what you have earned. Similar to "as you sow, so shall you reap" or "what comes around, goes around." This Law also states that you are bound to return good with good, and ill with ill, but there are people who don't believe in that and don't practice it. There are ways to defend yourself by simply sending the negative energy back to its source.


Everyone knows about Karma but few people have really stopped to give it much thought as to how it works or why. We tend to think that Karma is something we get because of what we have done wrong and while that is correct we can also get karma for things we never did. Recently in a discussion the question was asked, "can we encounter karma because of action we have taken but did not know that it would cause something bad to happen?" The answer is YES! Karma comes from what we do and just because we were not aware of a situation totally does not absolve us of the karma from actions we take in such situations. The major responses to something that has been done and now has proven to be a bad move are statements like, "I did not know, or I did not think." A large part of this existence is to teach each of us how to think and to be better able to measure the impact of what we choose to do. If Karma was only earned when we knowingly do something that is wrong then the lessons would be limited to actions taken while we had a mindset to do wrong. Unfortunately humans have an amazing ability to take actions that can result in harm to others or to this earth without the slightest forethought. If we are not accountable for these situations then our learning is not broad enough to teach us how to think as well as what to do.

Since almost every major religion and basic personal philosophy holds that karma does exist and that part of our purpose in the physical form is to learn then it would seem obvious that the broader the lessons taught by incurring karma the more opportunity we have to make progress. Sadly the vast majority of people see the negative things that take place within there lives as just a run of bad luck. They seldom stop to examine these things to see if they are karma as a result of actions taken without thinking. This is one of the reasons so many feel out of control and that their lives are not within the realm of something that they can control. They tend to see what is not good as being some form of destiny that is intended to measure their strength and make them stronger but allowing them to have these moments of negativity. To the contrary negativity is almost always just the return of something we have done but never thought about.

There are many ways that we are both pushed and pulled toward the path that we are suppose to walk and Karma is but a small force that tries to get us there. Because Karma does what it does many people think that what we are to become is preordained or strictly a matter of destiny but such is not the case. Most of the forces that seem to attempt to direct us are involved with not what we are but now we live. Karma and the many other forces interrupt us when we have strayed from the spiritual path or allowed ourselves to become a negative force that inflicts pain and suffering, emotional or physical, on others. This does not dictate that we must be carpenters, salespeople or politicians. We have a great deal of freedom to chose what we will do with the life we have been allowed to live but we are not given as much freedom when it comes to what the rules of living that life are. In many ways what we conceive as the things that make us unhappy are often material in nature but the real cause of the unhappiness is that we can often only gain these things with total disregard for the spiritual rules that are the basis of our path through life. We want those material things and would prefer not to have to work to gain them but we can generally only gain them without work by the misuse of power and that then becomes an issue of karma. There is a link between what we are and what we want to be but there is not restriction on what we can become only on the process we seek to use to get there. Our path can lead anywhere but the path can only be walked in one way.

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