Saturday, March 16, 2013

Elemental Meditations For All Spiritual Paths

Be A Part Of Positive Energy Flowing Within Our Universe Using Meditations

These are thoughts that I have focused on at various times over the years when working with the Elements in various areas of my practice.

Meditation is a wonderful way to create focus and energy. Once created, the energy can be directed to what you may be working on whether it is a healing, works of a magical nature, working a spell, or for use in a ritual or rite that you may be performing.

All thought creates energy and when your energy is positive it will generate positive things in the universe that surrounds you and everyone else.

Your particular spiritual path does not matter for thoughts to create energy from the below meditations. You can be Pagan, Wiccan, one who follows Witchcraft, Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Native American and all other Paths and these will work for you.


I am like the Air,

Changeable, playful and free,

my thoughts taking flight,

like birds to wing.

I am like the Air,

Gentle as a summer breeze,

that sings in the leaves,

and longs to play with your hair.

I am like the Air,
Sultry, heavy, moist,

making you sweat,

disturbing your dreams.

I am like the Air,

Raging like a tornado,

a whirlwind of thought,

scattering pieces of me everywhere.

I am like the Air,

Cold, cruel and biting,

my words sending shivers

down your spine.

I am like the Air,

Sometimes playful, sometimes cruel,

passionate or disinterested,

depending on my direction.

I am like the Air,

Mercurial, and directionless,

just when you think you know me,

I'll change myself again.

I am the eternal Child,

the Ageless Spirit,

my Laughter ringing in your ears,

my smile calling you to Play.


I am like fire,

ego, aggression,

pride oblivious,

consuming myself.

I am like fire

Inflamed with Spirit,

burning brightly in the dark,

beckoning you closer.

I am like fire

Strong, sexual, and unafraid,

the spark that kindles

desire of spirit and flesh.

I am like fire

Destructive, careless,

sweeping through illusions,

scorching the inner landscape.

I am like fire

Endless, transformative,

rising again,

majestic in my rebirth.


I am like Water,

Moody, stormy, changeable,

cold, stinging,

emotion raining down.

I am like water,

My ocean of tears,

like waters of the womb,

warm and receptive.

I am like water,

My currents strong,

tides of quiet strength,

that rise and fall.

I am like water,

Essential, restorative,

quenching your thirst,

cooling your heat.

I am like water,

Crisp, clear, flowing,

singing the song of,


I am like water,

My depths uncharted,

darkness pulling you down,

to your own initiation.

I am like water,

Welling up,

from the center of being,

caressing the shores of ecstasy.


I am like the Earth,

Solid, steady and quiet,

my tremors temporary,

and a sign of growth.
I am like the Earth,

Dusty, muddy, fertile,

my earthy scent,

sharp in your mind.

I am like the Earth,

Firm beneath your feet,

soft in your hands.

I am like the Earth,

Hiding my treasures,

offering up my bounty.

I am like the Earth,

Womb dark,

my depths unknowable.

I am like the Earth,

The foundation that supports you,

the horizon that beckons you,

the Mountainous height that challenges you.

I am like the Earth,


yet always with you.

I am your Mother,

your Lover,

one hand holding the Scythe,

the other stirring the Cauldron.


I am like the Moon.

Golden, Full bodied,

radiating all that is beautiful,

and mysterious.

I am like the Moon.

Pregnant with power,

growing more radiant.

I am like the Moon.

Revealing nothing,

revealing everything,

waiting to be discovered.

I am like the Moon.

Waning, turning my face away,

forever keeping mysteries.

I am like the Moon.

Dark, mysterious,

full of blood red energies,

that rend and tear.

I am like the Moon.

Newly born full,

of growing strength and hope.

I am like the Moon,


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