Saturday, March 16, 2013

Intuition: The Only Advice You Will Ever Need For Proper Self-Guidance

The Source Of "Proper" Guidance

There are thousands upon thousands of self-help books out there. In these books there are thousands of different ways of how you can be happy or rich or successful. Do not get trapped into believing everything they say as fact.

There are billions of people on this planet all with an individual way of living, culture and lifestyle. Do not take as fact everything you read in a book, hear on the radio or see on television. Do not take as fact anything you are told by a teacher, a counselor, pastor or other spiritual adviser.

There is only one place you can go for true guidance in your life and that is your heart. Follow your heart in everything that you do. Some things you read may in fact be truth. Some things you are told may in fact be truth. Some things you hear on the radio or see on the television may be true. Don't let your mind make this decision, though, use your heart to decide what path you should take. Chose what resonates with your heart.

If your heart tells you that you need to be a Christian then that is what you must do. If your heart tells you that you must be an Pagan then that is what you must do. The same is in regard to being an atheist or any other path, listen to your heart and you will be properly guided.

In this world, there is no right or wrong. There is no good or bad. If you follow your heart, you will live the life that you are supposed to. I must warn you that it can be extremely difficult to silence the mind and follow the heart, but I assure you when your heart speaks you will know it. Modern teachings work hard to stumble ones seeking to follow the heart by forcing the teachings of reasoning using the mind in all decisions. We have to learn how to get out of our own way.

Intuition is what I call it. That first "gut instinct", "feeling", or "little voice in our head". We all have it. We were all born with it. It does not require teaching to follow. We simply "know" when we are doing something correctly or incorrectly in reference to our personal self. We are able to discern our thoughts before taking action.

One thing to always remember is that we are responsible for ALL our actions and the outcome of such actions. These will impact us later in this life or in future lives. Many of our actions create the "domino effect", and that is something we should also never loose sight of.

Karma is a common word used to focus on our responsibility for our own actions and how they can effect others. Cause and Effect also refers to such actions.

Please do not believe a word that I have just told you. It could in fact all be false. Let your heart tell you what is fact and what is fiction. Let your heart guide you in everything that you do. Do this and you will find more happiness and love in your world than you could ever imagine.

Author's Note: This article is not to discourage reading books, listening to radio or viewing television to advance the thought process on various levels. Always keep an open mind. The author will use bits and pieces of various avenues of information to incorporate into his own life. Once again, the things that resonate with the author's heart are the things retained.

The Intuitive Mind courtesy of Esta Weiss, Pagan and Proud of It Art

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