Thursday, March 21, 2013

The Sex-Saturated Internet and Google Ads

Google ads have a mind of their own!

I have nothing against sex at all. Without sex none of us would be here!

There used to be times that I could not do a search or click a link without something sexual in context coming up, be it porn or a dating site and such. Again, nothing against either if that is your "choice" to view such things at a time that you want to view it, not when someone or something else deems it is time for you to view it.

I have side-stepped that issue with control over my searches by setting my Google search parameters to exclude what I don't want to see. Easy to do, safe search or not. Use the filter provided by Google.

The ads have been killed overall by using various versions of AdBlock or similar depending on which browser I am using. Again, I was able to take control.

Now there are those pesky pop up floaters, or at least what I call them. Those critters that just hop out of nowhere and appear on your page from the site you are viewing. Those I have yet to control or figure out how to do away with. Somehow they get around any of the versions of plug ins I used to block pop up ads. Yes, and they may well be sexual or very close to porn, or just related to the page you are viewing. I would like to learn how to block them, but my research has not given me a good solution to that so far.

What really amazes me is on my former Pagan News Site, Pagan Reports, I have Google Adsense up and running and have adjusted my settings on that site via Google Adsense to exclude certain categories from appearing on my site in the Google ads. For instance I have excluded school, vocational, education as well as "adult" which includes dating and porn to the best of my knowledge. (Example shown below.)

At the moment, and for the last week or so, the main page of my site displays a dating site in the Google ad. There is nothing on the site dealing with dating at all, so that should exclude the ad from appearing, plus, as mentioned, I have excluded that category on Google Adsense. Yet it appears. It is my contention that somehow, the folks who create these ads are "cheating" and listing their ads as something that they are not so that the ads slip past my exclusions. That is my theory and I could be wrong. But the same thing is happening with educational Google ads. I have excluded educational and still get them. I don't mind the Pagan educational ads, which do show, but I get those universities or vocational schools most often.

As for "hard" porn, those have not popped up so far, however those "Get Laid Tonight" ones have appeared from time to time, especially on pages that may talk about ritual sex magick and such. Even though the article may be about sex magick, one would think that setting the exclusions in Google Adsense would prevent the solicitation to get laid from viewing a spiritual article.

Of course the biggest money maker on the internet is sex and anything to do with sex. With that in mind, for every way we manage to filter or block such things, there will be those out there, typing away, to come up with a code that somehow will defeat your means of blocking and slip sex at you. After all, it has to be out of love and compassion as they think that they are doing me a service advertising a healthy pastime I am sure.

The photo below was taken while in the middle of writing this hub. It gives you and actual view of what I am talking about. You can view the page, part of the article as well as the title. As you will see, it is amazing! None of the "porn" or "close to porn" came up with my running through these pages.

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