Monday, March 4, 2013

Differing Viewpoints - Religions, Paths and Practices

Differing Viewpoints

Within my heart, within their eyes
I saw my truth, I saw their lies
And knew that through the gulf yawned

We were not born to be enemies.
My beliefs sing out from within my soul
When I plant, weed and watch my
garden grow.

My sister, also, would tell you so
But her God admits not to mine.
When I dance by the light of the moon
When the wind sings to me in an elven

When the fairies peek out from
beneath my blooms
I see the Goddess as she touches my

When my sister sits in a house of stone
And sings holy songs not her own
Listens to words of sins to atone
She feels her God and He touches her soul.

What I see as the Solstice she calls her Lord’s birth
What I call my Mother, she sees as mere earth
But both of us sought out something of worth
To have and to hold in the dark of the night.

I cannot show her the magic I see
She cannot change me to the faith she believes
But we were born and remain still as a family
Harmony reigns better as I choose not to speak.

Her way is right for her, not for me
When she speaks of her God, I know she believes
She believes in that Heaven, in God’s immortality
But I cannot say that she is wrong.

My way is right for me and my friends
We believe in the Goddess and the spiral that spins
We believe in the Earth and that life never ends
And my sister cannot make me believe that I am wrong.

Within her heart, within her eyes
I know she believes what I feel is a lie
But I accept her prayers and her occasional plea
Because it never hurts to have someone praying for you.

Within my soul within my heart
I know we are together and I know we are apart
She is her own person and so too am I
And we both hold the truth and we both speak of lies.

Religious Beliefs and Practices Colliding

Upon reading the below poem, you will see a differing set of beliefs and religious practices. This is very common among most families and among groups of people such as where you may work, play or go to school. Following the poem you will find some guidelines that have helped many people over the years to deal with these types of circumstances.

When Religion, Paths, and Beliefs Differ

When you run into such circumstances that there is a conflict in beliefs among others, or a disagreement would be a better term, many have found that putting into practice the below ways of thinking will help them stay strong spiritually. Arguing religion and beliefs has never had a popular and rewarding outcome. Once can take a trip to many forums in the online world and see exactly what is being referred to.

The main thing that has become very important to others is to accept simply another's beliefs and stances on religion and practices. To differ openly and argue will only create negative energy that will certainly result in negative returns to the one generating it. Also, a thought to focus on is that negative energies will have an impact on all that surrounds us including humans, animals and even plants.

Keeping and open mind and accepting another's beliefs is not hard to do. By accepting them, knowing that they are correct for that person at this particular point in their life, does not mean that we have to believe in them or engage in practices that we do not believe in to please others.

Should you find yourself caught in the middle of a religious type of argument or disagreement, many times it is best to remove yourself from it rather than to get caught up in it.

The above poem is reflecting family members who have a differing of religious views and practices. The faiths, or paths, are Paganism and Christianity.

Pathways to Knowledge and Wisdom courtesy of Esta Weiss, Pagan and Proud of It Art

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