Sunday, December 8, 2013

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) - An Oversaturated Market

SEO Research

While Hub Hopping on HubPages, I notice a large amount of hubs with SEO in the title. Of course, many of these are what I refer to as simply "ad" hubs. Selling a product or service. Still, it appears to be a very popular subject.
I have browsed other sites as well, with community generated content, and have found the pattern repeated over and over. The overall majority of these articles I find elsewhere are very similar in what they have to offer. I see repeated information that appears to have been shared with just a jumble up of words.
I realize the importance of Search Engine Optimization, as we all want to improve the visibility of our hub or web page in the eyes of the search engines. As an author, we do know that we have to tweak things at times.
As important as this is, when I put just "SEO" in to Google search and I received a return of over 224,000,000 results. That is a tremendous amount of material!
So you write a article here or elsewhere on SEO and where, in that list, will it appear? My guess it would depend on how well you applied SEO to your article.
It appears that folks realize the popularity of SEO based articles and have totally over saturated the web with such material. I have read approximately 20 articles on SEO, and as stated, a lot of repeated information in just various formats of presentation. I have scanned an additional several hundred SEO articles and see the same pattern.
Good luck in your search for those SEO articles, Ebooks, Technical Reviews, software and more, as you sift through the large mountain of information out there. Some advice for those with limited time to research would be to take the top ten to twenty search returns and work with that and you will have the basic information. If you are interested in other aspects of SEO, then be sure to narrow your search down by adding additional words and terms to your search.
It will be interesting to see how well this hub does as it will fall within that quarter of a billion other listings out there.

SEO article update: 06-16-2013

This article has been up and running for right at a year and a half now. I have checked SERPs and have not found this article in the top 20 pages.
I would presume that the reason for this is the subject matter of this article. Just far too many other pages out there with the keyword "SEO" in them. This is what this article was about, an experiment to see what happens when a keyword is overused in Google.
Folks trying to capitalize on keywords, most of it spamming content, works to the disadvantage of those "honest" persons who have chosen SEO as a career.
I deem this article a success, within the parameters of it being an experiment. It has proven out the "fact" that people are the ones who are ruining what we get in our search engine results.

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