Sunday, December 22, 2013

Selling On Amazon: An Insider's Review

Earning Money On Amazon

Over the past several years I have been an Amazon Seller.  In other words, I sell items on  This has opened the door to make some honest extra earnings.

There is always a pretty steady stream of orders in my inbox.  I am not a super seller or anything like that, but I do make enough in profit to pay a bill or two every month.  Supplementing your income is a rather nice thing in this day and age!

Many people are intimidated at the thought of becoming a seller on Amazon.  Actually, a good review of the policies and rules is wise, but once that is done, it is not hard nor cumbersome to sell on Amazon.

Some seller have a very large catalog and focus on many different types of items.  Many do as I do, find a specific area and stick with those types of items. 

You can become a seller on Amazon with no problems and you don't need to have start up money.  You can list for free.  I was a free listing merchant for about two years, just recently upgrading to becoming a Professional Seller.  The upgrading does have some great advantages, but should only be used once you are established and have a decent flow of items moving on the site.

A great page to check out your options of becoming an Amazon Seller and how to make money on Amazon is to check out this link: Sell on Amazon and reach hundreds of millions of Amazon customers

I would love to hear from other Amazon Sellers in comment here on this blog post.  You can discuss the pros and cons of being an Amazon Seller, or give some advice to my readers from you experience of selling on Amazon.

If you have questions about becoming an Amazon Seller, feel free to post them in comment here on the blog or over there on the right, as you scroll down, you will find an email link in my "About Me" that you can reach me at.

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