Sunday, December 15, 2013

Witches and Pagans Combine The Mundane and the Magical Worlds Daily

Caught Between Two Worlds

Many Witches and Pagans will find themselves leading two lives. One mundane one where we interact with co-workers, insurance companies, paper delivery persons, etc. In the other we are walking between the worlds in order to connect with divinity, take control of our lives, work as agents for transformation and connect with ourselves.
Does this split between the mundane and spiritual have to occur? There should be some way to integrate these two aspects of one's life. But when demands that seem totally outside of the mythical and magical begin to dominate our time and thoughts, sometimes it seems easy to get swept away by it all and watch our magical and spiritual practices get pushed to the wayside of things.
We find sometimes that we allow this split to occur in our life and end up neglecting one side of things or the other. We start beating ourselves up for it because we can be extremely hard on ourselves having exceedingly high expectations. However, living this way is not healthy nor productive and if you stress yourself out over things this much, you just end up getting really tired and then nothing you want to do gets done.
It seems that more than balance is being called for here. One of the hardest lessons I've dealt with, and that always seems to crop up at least once in a turn of the wheel, is learning how to live magically in the mundane - or in other words - making the mundane magical. Chief Two Trees used to tell this story of this woman he once knew who worked in a textile factory and her job was knotting materials all day long on an assembly line. This sounds like at first glance a terribly mundane and spirit suppressing type of job. However, when asked about it, this woman said that yes, it could get boring, but she had learned how to make the process magical for herself. If there was something she needed to work magic for in her life, she would knot her need into the material she was working with, over and over, day after day until her need manifested. Witchcraft and spirituality do not have to be separate from her work.
Learning how focus on the magical and mystical while doing things that are of the mundane world is not as hard as one would think. Start with one thing. Once that is in your mind try focusing on this mundane "thing" and see if you can associate something magical or mystical about it. Some, like myself, are blessed to work with animals on a daily basis. That is part of the mundane employment world. However, gaining the ability and insight to see the divine qualities of the animals and feel the divine energies that radiate from the animals allows for the transition to flow from the mundane world to the magical world.
Should a commute to work be part of one's mundane world, learn to open your eyes and actually see what is happening and going on around you as you commute. In most circumstances you will be able to see something from nature along the way. Focus on the beauty, the creation, the divinity and magical qualities such a creation. Once again, you are then making a transition from the mundane to the magical with a simple thought process.
The more that you achieve an integration of the two worlds, the more at ease your life will become. Things will come together, flow smoothly around you and create a positive environment for yourself and others.

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