Sunday, April 21, 2013

Feng Shui and Summer

Summer = Yang Energy

It's wonderful to enjoy the yang energy of the summer, after the yin energy of winter. The sun stays out later, you can get outside and enjoy mother nature, and people seem to be more social in the summer due to barbecues and other outside social gatherings. However, when the yang energy becomes excessive it can cause many problems.

This summer seems extremely yang. Yang energy is light, moving, hot, white, expanding, male, and sun energy. Excessive yang energy can cause tempers to flare. Disagreements can surface on a moment's notice. Irritability, headaches, and drained of energy are also symptoms of too much yang.

Here are some tips to decrease the yang energy in your home. Keep the blinds, or drapes closed on the west side of your home, or at least in the late afternoon when the sun is extremely hot, and bright. Use your ceiling fans to help keep the temperature down in your home. However, be careful of having the fans on high for too long of time, as it can stir up energy and cause some people to become dizzy, or feel nauseous. Use cool colors to help mentally cool you down, such as blue, or purple. Blue throw pillows on the couch, and even blue candles in a room can make a difference. If there is one area the family hangs out in try to keep it as clutter free as possible. Sometimes a less is more approach can go a long way when people are feeling irritable. Think about your couch that you many want to sit on in the family room. Can you just grab a good book and sit down, or do you have to remove boxes of puzzles, laundry basket, and other toys before you sit down? Too much yang energy will make a person become over stimulated, so reduction of clutter at least in one area where the whole family hangs out is really essential for everyone's health.

Keep the lights down, and try to keep the home quiet if only for a short while can also help reduce excessive yang energy.

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