Monday, April 8, 2013

Interview With One Who Practices The Dark Path Of Spirituality

Dark Spirituality Is Rarely Openly Discussed

The following is a summary, from notes, of a conversation with an acquaintance of mine, from years ago, that is a Dark who follows the dark side of spirituality. This is a "recall" of his description of why he does not openly discuss the Dark Path with others, and not a direct quote. No name is given for obvious reasons.


I was asked one night about a topic that I don't readily discuss with anyone. What is the purpose of revealing the Dark to the masses? It took me back because there wasn't just one purpose to it but many which interweave together into a jumbled answer.

The Presence of the Dark on this level of existence that we live in is very small. Naturally however The Dark tend to be the minority as we and the energy that we use isn't normally bound up in mass groupings in the effect that the Lights are.

A few of us have been charged to bring forth the Dark in greater numbers to give a better position and ratio of Dark pathers to Lights. Charged to balance back the dwindling numbers of those who would actually seek to choose such a path.

So there yes is the charge, however that is not my only reason. Any of the Dark that seek to do some work without gain are truly not of this path. There are perks that I seek to gain with this work that I do. I seek strong allies in my future that one day I might profit with from their help. I seek to be advantaged by knowing those with similar goals and we may find a mutual advantage in walking towards similar destinations.

With this being said I would choose to show myself as a good ally. That my logic is sound and pragmatic and that my techniques are effective. I know that nothing comes from nothing, and I am not afraid of the work that must be done in order to appropriate my goals.

I recognize there are many charlatans out there. That there are those that seek to dupe the few that travel towards the Dark Paths. There are those that would train weaklings in order to gain dominance over them. Though those of the weak that would be tricked into such a thing possibly are not strong enough to be walking the path at all, I see no advantage in weakening those that could be strong enough to do so and loose them from being of any use at all.

This path isn't for everyone. Those that are not strong enough shall surely turn away from it or burn like the moth to the flame in trying. The Dark many times is not gentle I feel however for those born to it it is worth the price.

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