Saturday, April 13, 2013

What Resistance Means To Our Well-being

Resistance (Letting Go)

There are many ways in our lives in which we go to resistance. We resist what is happening if we don’t like it or think that something else will make us happier. We resist the emotions or thoughts that are coming up for us that we don’t want to look at. We resist the way others treat us and want to control them so that we will be happy.

Resistance is usually connected to a belief we have that needs to be looked at. If we are feeling resistance to something then it means that the belief that is connected to it is not working for us. Are we happy? Will resisting what is happening make us happy? Probably not.

If we are in a place of resistance, then we are not accepting all that is. If we are not in a state of acceptance, we are resisting and as a result we are suffering. Resistance and suffering work together to create a world of pain for ourselves. But when we let go of the resistance and allow what is happening to be whatever it is we can feel the peace of acceptance.

Acceptance brings the peace we desire. Resistance brings suffering. Which do we want in our lives? Which feels better?

Resisting what is occurring doesn't change it. Wanting to change or control it doesn't change things either.

Perhaps someone has cut you off in traffic and you feel angry and say, “He should not have done that!” It doesn't change the fact that the person did it. What it does is keep us in a place of pain. We can look at the pain, in this case in the form of anger, that comes up for us and use the experience as a lesson rather than resist what happened. As we allow ourselves to look at the thought or feeling that doesn't feel good to us, can let go of the need to resist or control and be accepting of what has happened and grateful for the lesson it may have brought to us.

If we resist looking at our thoughts or feelings, which is really all resistance is in most situations, we are keeping ourselves in suffering. We can let go of the suffering once we allow the emotions to be felt, see that the thought is not the truth and know from the place deep within that any belief connected to this pain is also false.

At first it may be difficult to be aware of our resistance. We can look back at previous experiences and see the resistance and how we could have shifted it. But as we become more aware, with practice we can recognize our resistance in the moment that it is happening and change how we think and feel as it is happening.

As you go through your week, be aware of the situations in which you feel you are experiencing resistance. Allow yourself to be aware of the thoughts and feelings that you are having and what the belief is that is connected to them. See if you can shift from resistance to acceptance and notice the change in how you think and feel.

Have a wonderful week of acceptance of all that is and the peace that comes with it.

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