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Getting Answers Using Magic With An Omen Search

Using Magic to Get Answers

My work as a High Priest and pagan author can sometimes be tiring. When dealing so much with other's problems, I often find myself needing a few answers too. Here is a wonderful magical way to get answers. When I need a little boost, I perform an Omen Search, and let the dead speak!

What is an omen search?

An omen search is a process of looking for signs, either in nature or in the man-made world, to give one direction. The Celtic tradition is to seek the help of an ancestor of loved one who has crossed over.

The Preparation

You should prepare by honoring the dead. Light a candle and burn some incense. Gather photos, jewelry or other memorabilia of theirs that you might have. Hold the items in you hand and recall happy times. If you had a bad experience with a deceased party or if you have no one who has passed, ask Spirit to bring a loving ancestor to you. If you feel an affinity to animal spirits, or a closeness to a particular spirit guide, you may ask their assistance.  I prefer to invite the dead at Samhain, as this is the ideal time to connect with them.. Once your mind has centered on a particular individual, concentrate on that memory. Example: Your mother passed away over 4 years ago and you like to bring her energy and spirit to life. Once you have that person's face and spirit embedded in your mind, its time for betwixt and between.

Betwixt and Between

The Celts believe that when a mortal is betwixt and between he can reach the spirit realm. Samhain is a betwixt and between day. Twelve midnight is a betwixt and between because it is between one day and the next. When you stand in doorway, you are in a betwixt and between place. To stand in a shadow is to place yourself betwixt and between, for you are neither in the light, nor in the dark, but rather betwixt the two. To properly do the omen search you must be betwixt and between.

This will work in-doors and out. It doesn't matter where as long as you are betwixt and between. If you do it in the house, stand in between two rooms, in a doorway, etc. Even one foot on the carpet and one foot off will work. If you are in the park, try putting one foot on the trail and one foot off, or one foot in the clearing, one foot in the woods. Outside your home, you might stand inside your front doorway; between the sidewalk and your front porch; or straddle the sidewalk one foot on both sides. Conjure up the image of the ancestor you have chosen and ask them to help you. Get paper and pen, you will be traveling clockwise --facing all four directions and asking an appropriate question each time. You will want to record your answers.

The Questions

Begin in the East and be sure that you are standing in your betwixt and between place. Close your eyes and picture your ancestor in your mind. When their energy seems the strongest ask them the appropriate question three times. Contemplate the true meaning of the questions. Think about what you are asking. DO NOT open your eyes until you feel it is right. When it is time to open them be aware. Record on the paper the very first thing you see, hear, or physically notice. It doesn't matter how mundane or silly it seems - just write it down. Repeat the process with the other directions. Here is a list of the questions:

EAST: Where have I come from?
SOUTH: What is my power?
WEST: Where am I going?
NORTH: Who am I?


After you are finished and have compiled your answers, sit down and contemplate their meaning. Here's an example of what you could see. If you are outside when you face the east, you might see one lone leaf hanging from a tree limb being blown by the wind - this has meaning. If you are inside facing your kitchen, you might see a cluttered counter. Both these things speak volumes if you read the symbolism. The four questions can be adapted to any question in life. For example, if you want to know if you should stay in your current job, simply apply the same questions. The answers can really help and sometimes be quite startling.

I hope you enjoy your Omen Search. Performing one monthly just before the full moon is a good practice and can provide real direction!  Contemplate how wonderful it is that we can still enjoy the company of those who have crossed over, and thank Spirit for what you have!

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