Friday, April 5, 2013

Getting To Know Elves and How To Work With Them

Elves are fantastic beings!

In many European countries one will find some kind of elf. The most commonly known are the German and English. Some of the countries they can be found in, but not limited to, are Holland, Japan, India, and Switzerland. Probably the easiest way to find an elf now is in the astral Faery land.  While most don't wish ill will towards humans, like most fae they are distrustful of us.

Some elves are malicious and enjoy pulling pranks and doing harm to humans. Many like the English elves are benevolent and will not harm humans and will often do helpful deeds.

While their clothing changes from country to country one thing is usually the same. The clothing is simple and mostly earth colors to help them blend in with their woodland surroundings.

Elves are psychic and may tell humans their future. They are caretakers of the forests and woodlands they live in. They are also healers of the wild animals. With this knowledge in mind, remember to petition the elves when you wish to extend healing and protection for those animals you care about in the wild. The same would be for the protection and healing of the Mother Earth as a whole.

Again, we can petition the elves to help heal the woodlands of the world and to give aid in healing sick or wounded animals. They may even be willing to impart psychic knowledge. If you wish to work with the elves you must be patient and develop trust with them. They must know that your intentions are good.

Many times, the elves, like other spiritual beings, may seek you out.  Always keep an open mind and heart in regards to the elves and learn to discern when they are reaching out to you.  This can be done in medication as well as every day instances.  Circumstance may bring you and one or more elves into harmony.

It is my perception that elves, as well as other spiritual beings, "need" mortals to work with them to help create the energies needed for them to fulfill requests and petitions presented to them.

You may note that I mention elves as spiritual beings.  Many have visually seen elves, but many of us have not.  By not seeing them physically does not mean they do not exist  nor that we can not work with them on various levels.  Learning to "listen" is a key attribute in working with the elves.

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