Sunday, April 14, 2013

Making the World Change

Love, Happiness and Peace

We begin at a very young age to look into the world for what we need. But the world does not provide us with our love, peace and happiness. It can be a reflection of the love, peace and happiness. It can also be a reflection of our pain.

As babies we learn that our parents are there to provide us with what is required. We cry and we are fed or changed or picked up. This is a lesson that we carry into all aspects of our lives – to look outside ourselves for what we need.

We start to look for our love, happiness, and peace in the world around us. This is how our parents did it and this is what we learn from them. So we follow in their footsteps, looking for the things that will make us happy “out there”.

When we don’t get what we want from the world outside us, we try to change the world so that we can get what we want and need. Eventually we see that this person or this house or this car is not giving us the happiness that we want. So we get another person, house or car. We want our parents, partner or children to love or approve of us and when they don’t we try harder to gain the love and approval. On and on it goes until we realize that there must be a better way.

This better was is to look within ourselves and know the love and peace that is already in us and always has been. We've just never had anyone to teach us this.

What we don’t always realize is that all the love, happiness and peace we need or want is right here inside us all the time. Why can’t we feel it? Because we are constantly looking elsewhere for it. When we don’t get it in the way we expect, it brings us feelings of anger, disappointment, hurt and fear. From this we take on beliefs like “I’m not good enough”, “I’m not lovable”, “I need approval”, “I am not worthy”.

Beliefs such as these are the blocks that keep us from feeling the love inside ourselves. If we believe we are not worthy of being loved, how can we feel our own love?

If we are not feeling loved by another person, that is the time to look within and see if we are feeling the love inside. If we are looking for someone else’s respect or approval, we must look within and see if we are respecting and approving of ourselves. Whatever we are looking for outside of ourselves is a good indication of what we need to look for within. It isn't another person’s responsibility to make us feel loved or respected. That is our responsibility. By looking at the beliefs that fuel these feelings of lack, we can shift them and begin to feel it within ourselves.

We cannot change the world to what we think it should be so that we can be happy. We can change our own beliefs and recognize the love, happiness and peace that lies within us. We can live our lives from this place of peace and as we shift within ourselves we will see the world shift with us. This is where true peace will come from on a global level.

This week, take a look at any time when you might be looking to someone or something else to provide you with love, respect or happiness. As you become aware of it, look within yourself and recognize where you might not be loving, respecting or feeling happy in you. Connect the feelings to the belief and see how the belief is untrue. Shift the belief and feel the peace and love within as you let go of the need for others to give you what you already have.

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