Friday, April 5, 2013

The Upcoming War Brought To Us By North Korea

North Korea and War Soon

Having kept abreast with North Korea for many years I am becoming more concerned than most of the media and those in government will acknowledge.

So many reports keep saying that this is the "same old same old" for North Korea.  I disagree.  Listen to the tone, listen to the demands and watch their military. It is all in the news. The majority of this is NOT what the North has done in the past.

They are preparing for war. It is very straight forward and plain.  They are following protocol for war asking for embassies to withdraw their personnel as the North can not guarantee safety of the diplomats.   Missiles are being shifted to locations, loaded.

Come on folks, be real, be alert.

North Korea has no fear of retaliation.  They cannot be nuked without nuclear fallout hitting South Korea and/or China. So that retaliation is not even a real consideration even if the North uses nuclear weapons.

China will not support North Korea should they invade or attack another nation, however China and the North do have an agreement that if there is an attack on the North Korean mainland, China is obligated to support North Korea militarily.

So...what does North Korea have to lose? Nothing really. The odds are in their favor. They know it. The "rest" of the world is in denial.

We certainly cannot go against China.  The thought of that happening is simply not in the realm of possibilities   So what do we do?  We sit back and wait. We are caught between a rock and a hard spot and the North Koreans know this.

Hopefully I will be wrong in my reasoning.  This would make me very happy.  Any type of military conflict with the North Koreans will cause millions of deaths. It will be, by far, much more than what we have seen in Iraq and Afghanistan.  The whole area is very densely populated.  In a matter of hours 100,000's could die from conventional weapons, not considering the use of chemical and/or nuclear weapons.

Time will tell on this one.

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