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Investing In Silver - A Sound Business Solution To A Secure Personal Portfolio

Why Invest In Silver?

Over the years we have been offered many ways to hedge against inflation and recession. A lot of these methods are "paper", and the thing about paper, whether it is money or stocks, well, it can suddenly just become worth the paper it is printed on should something happen.  In other words, paper investments, as well as electronic investments can sudden be worth absolutely nothing.

Throughout history the wealth of persons and nations has been backed by precious metals in one form or the other. Gold being the predominant one and silver being another.  Not certificates, but actual hard, real metal bullion in whatever form it may be in.

The price of gold is very high right now and simply out of the price range of what a "normal" person, such as myself, could truly invest in.

I choose silver to invest in.  I like the feel of silver and it is not astronomical in price.  As of this writing silver spot prices are a tad under $21.00 per troy ounce. (Update: 8/24/2019 - Silver Spot prices are way down @ $14.58 per ounce.)

One can visit various precious metal websites of companies that deal strictly with bullion and get some decent pricing, especially if you are looking at buying in volume.  Many sites will sell silver bullion, rounds and coins at slightly over the current spot pricing.

There are many sites that you can check current silver prices at.  I will include a few links at the conclusion of this article.

There are also plenty of options to purchase silver bullion on sites like Ebay.  I have bought from there quite often and with some effort and doing a ton of bidding, every so often a good deal will slip through and you will win the auction.  The main thing on Ebay is to set your upper limit on what you will bid, and never go over that.  Sometimes I place bids up to a month ahead of the close of the action.  Many times you will be emailed you need to increase your bid, but again, stick with your original bid and you will gain from time to time.

There is an industrial side to silver as well. Silver is widely used in jewelry as well as electronics and water purification.  Keeping that in mind, you have peace of mind knowing that silver is not just a precious metal, but a way to store value and the value and demand as an industrial metal.

The most popular way to invest in silver, with the lesser amount of cash spent, is to purchase silver bullion bars.  These bars are .999 pure silver and can always be converted to cash easily. One step higher is the silver bullion coins.  Coins are usually only a few cents per ounce higher than bars.  They are just as easy to convert into cash and have the advantage of being small and easy to handle.

Think about silver as providing your portfolio with a secure foundation!  Every investment portfolio needs that.

Live Precious Metals, Gold, Silver and more, links below:

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