Monday, March 19, 2018

Google Chrome Resolving Host Issue

How to avoid the Google Chrome Resolving Host Issue

For the past few years the problem with long wait times every few clicks while using the Google

The many ways that Google and forums suggest resolving this technical issues that revolves around Google Chrome all involve you actually becoming a tech savvy person to be able to attempt all the various resolutions and have hours of patience.

To this day, none, and I mean absolutely none, of the troubleshooting steps I have tried have resolved the "Resolving Host" problem with Google Chrome.

Again, as with many "Google" things, they show no interest in simply fixing the issue that does not remotely appear using various other internet browsers.

I will not link to all the useless posts for a fix as they do not work.  The"fixes" are simply to drive traffic to ad driven websites, forums and blogs, for generating ad revenue with absolutely no fix.  This is common place anymore.  One simply finds a problem and posts a fix.  Many people have the issue so it drives traffic to the post raising the post in Google search results.  To me, the resolving host issue simply is a ploy by Google to create such scenarios so that their ads are viewed more on these "fake" fix posts by others.

By far, the best solution I have concluded is to simply forgo the fact of the convenience of Google Chrome, to have everything linked, in favor of doing away with the aggravated of the numerous daily delays I endure trying to browse the web.

That being said, I will use Pale Moon (A Firefox variation) as my main browser.  It is a free source browser and has been trouble free over the years I have used it.  It has gotten a tad heavier in weight over the years and uses more memory that it used to, however, nothing as near as the usage of memory by Google Chrome.  You can download the Pale Moon Browser for free here.  It is worth giving it a try, comparing it to Google Chrome.  You can import your bookmarks from Chrome to Pale Moon as well as that option is available.

Feel free to join me in a Chrome free world as you cruise the internet!  I do look forward to any comments, thoughts and/or ideas that you may have!
Chrome Browser has gotten worse.

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