Monday, June 20, 2011


Everyday consciousness is flat because the will collapses when it lacks an objective, a long-range purpose. But a purpose is something that can be expressed in terms of knowledge. The answer, therefore, is to direct all one's conscious discipline to carrying the insight of intensity - consciousness into everday consciousness - which would mean, in effect, that everday consciousness could be attuned to purpose, and transcend its own limitations.

To our descendents, it will seem a grotesque absurdity that the human beings of the scientific age bumbled and stumbled through life in such a short-sighted manner, incapable of grasping the message that is presented to them so plainly by the moments of affirmative-consciousness, or by moments of crisis. It will be obvious that we are little better than imbeciles. It should be obvious that our problem is will-lessness, and the fragmentary nature of consciousness, then nothing can save us but a violent and determined attempt to achieve something that deserves the name of consciousness.

Freedom is experienced when you meet the challenges.

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