Friday, February 7, 2014

Radium One Rip Offs - Beware!

Radium One Is A Rip-Off

Many of you may be familiar with the option to "earn" points, gold, credits, etc., on various sites you may be a member of by completing various offers supported by a rip-off group called Radium One.

These offers could include viewing videos, signing up to take surveys, getting auto insurance quotes, purchasing merchandise, signing up for newsletters, getting free samples, etc.

What I have learned, over the years of working with this type of earnings is that perhaps, on a very good day, one out of ten offers will actually pay off.

When you contact support, Radium One, about not receiving your credits you are told to submit ridiculous amounts of documentation that sometimes is truly elusive.  Then, even if you manage to supply Radium One with the documentation, you are denied.

Radium One is the same as eWallet.  eWallet handled these accounts prior to Radium One.  In my mind, it is all one in the same company, just a name change to protect itself from the fraudulent claims of the past against eWallet.

Radium One is a phishing program and company.  They simply want your information to sell and trade to others.  They are after your email, Facebook and Google info and receive it when you participate in their offers.

You will find your inbox spammed for days and have to apply spam filters to all the trash you will receive from such offers that flow through these Radium One offers, which ever site that you may participate on.

My advice, steer free of anything that has the name "Radium One" associated with it.  It is not worth your time nor the invasion on your online privacy.

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