Monday, September 1, 2014

2014 Ford F-150 STX Crewcab Review

On August 26, 2014 we became the owners of a brand new 2014 Ford F-150 STX Crewcab, metallic black in color.  We needed something that had a larger hauling capacity than our 2011 Ford Escape SUV.

The truck had 93 miles on it when we drove it away and plenty of "new car" smell!

My first impression of the 2014 Ford F-150 STX was that it had room in the front that would equal a luxury sedan and more.  The back seat has the leg room of a limo without any doubts.

Four full size doors make it much better than the shorter based trucks that have those silly back doors that can only be opened if the front doors are open.

The first thing we did was get a heavy duty bed mat to protect the bed and a OEM Ford tailgate protector that matched the mat.

The truck came with LoJack installed and we activated that the same day of purchase.  Also it came complete with Sirius Satellite Radio for six months free.

We bought the extended warranty as well as the extended roadside assistance. We included disability insurance should I become disabled. This is a great insurance as payments are made for the duration of an illness or sickness even up to the point of paying the truck off if it is a long term ailment.

The truck came with a towing package as well.  Not sure if we will every pull a trailer, but it is nice to have the wiring and hitch all in place should we have the desire or need to do so.

Also included is the Sync With My Ford.  A wonderful thing that Ford provides.  One of the greatest things is that our phone syncs automatically and we can receive calls, respond to calls, receive text messages and respond to text messages without ever taking our phones out.  Simply speak into the cab and the Sync picks it all up.  Commands are available as well. Simply say, "Call (name)" and the system will call that person that is in your address book on your phone.

This is a very early review and will be added to with some updates as we put more miles on the truck and use many of the other available options on this great truck.

With a seating capacity for six, and a bed for cargo, we have the best of both worlds as my wife said.  All the comforts of a full sized sedan and the great advantages of a pickup truck for hauling various things we could not previously haul.  It will be a wonderful thing to be able to pick up our own firewood for our fireplace and our outdoor firepit!  Also we have the advantage of picking up a large Christmas tree that we did not have before.  The options and doors opened are far too numerous to begin to name at this point!

The Ford F-150 SXT weights in at over 6,000 pounds, so that does provide a smooth ride along with the longer wheelbase.

Gas mileage is great at 17 mpg and 23 mpg.  We opted for the V-6 versus the larger and less economical V-8.  The V-6 seems to be a powerful enough engine for this truck so far.

As mentioned previously, I will be providing more updates as time and experiences allow along with more photos.

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