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Nature Spirit Magic


Each plant, animal, rock, and other entity has a spirit (consciousness resonance matrix). These spirits can join together, in a hive-mind, as a spirit of an area. Nature spirits include real biological intelligences, are psychically powerful, and are much less abstract and controllable than the Elementals that many magical people who perform all of their rituals indoors are familiar with. They can be extremely powerful allies. It is possible to sense nature spirits, to determine if they are receptive to a ritual planned, and to have them actively participate in magical workings if they are.

Some Effects Of Working With Nature Spirits

Spectacular physical manifestations can happen when working with nature spirits in the wild. I have personally seen actual foxfire mark the boundaries of a magic circle at a location that was identified as a receptive power spot and attuned to a planned ritual the day before. I have seen more than one site attuned for ritual be dry and comfortable, with a round hole in the clouds overhead, on days that were cold and rainy at other nearby locations. Birds have joined in rituals, flying around the circle when energy was being raised; and insects, birds and animals have joined in chants. In addition, the wind often responds to invocations. Generally, these spectacular manifestations happen unexpectedly.

With or without such manifestations, nature spirits often will channel tremendous amounts of power into the magic being performed. It is suggested that you do not consciously try for specific manifestations. Let Nature channel her power into the magic in her own way. If approached with respect, nature may give you many pleasant surprises.

Spectacular physical manifestations are not a necessary sign of success. If you need a spectacular manifestation and nature spirits know this, you will get it. The best success in magic is on the inner planes and more subtle than such manifestations. This success involves beneficial changes in consciousness that last and helpful chains of synchronicity. In addition, working with Nature Spirits can also bring a deep sense of partnership with Nature, and bring new levels of attunement.

To get the best results, perform nature spirit attunement several hours to several days before the main ritual. The purposes of such attunement are to find suitable power spots and to get the help of friendly nature spirits. This timing gives Nature time to gather her children and to prepare to actively participate in the main ritual.

What To Not Do

If nature spirits are approached with disrespect by attempting to command them rather than listening to them and inviting them to work with you, nature spirits may flee, rebel, or attack. I once attended a ritual by some pseudo-Crowleyites who attempted to perform the "Ritual of the Barbarous Names" at a power spot in a forest and then to extend the circle several hundred yards in all directions.

While the forest in general had loud insect and frog noises, the area at which the ritual took place got quiet immediately when the main ritualist declared that all spirits were subject unto him. The vibes from nature could best be characterized as "Oh yea, Mother!" One participant was quickly possessed by an angry spirit and kept repeating "You killed my children, your children will never live in peace." When the priestess stepped out of the boundaries of the original circle, she was attacked by bees; and bees covered the Book of the Law. Magicians should know better than to attempt to command spirits whose true names they do not know!

Calling Nature Spirits

To make the most out of working magical ritual in the wild, one should find power spots where nature spirits are receptive to the ritual planned and approach the spirits with respect, as equals. In my experience, the most effective power spots for working with the living intelligences of nature are located in wild areas with diverse, active ecologies.

When entering a wild area to find a site for a ritual, find a place that feels good. Then do the following, either individually or, if in a group, as a guided meditation:

Relax, while standing upright, and focus on your breathing. Breathe deep breaths from the diaphragm. Breathe together if in a group.

Feel the wind, and let it relax you and awaken your spirit within, as your deep breathing takes you into non-ordinary reality.

Picture, in your mind's eye, a light inside you. As you breathe, feel the light expand, purify and energize you - as it expands to fill your aura.

Feel yourself glowing, balanced, purified, and full of power.

Connect with your inner self (your higher self), and feel your intuitive self operating.

Feel yourself as:

The wind, full of life and intelligence, communicating with all round.

The Sunlight, warm, alive, channeling the power to communicate with nature and energizing all around.

Water, emotional, intuitive, refreshing, and connected with nature.

The Earth, and note how your physical body is able to wander while remaining part of Mother Earth.

Focus on your spiritual self, and:

Note the light within and feel it as love,

Expand the light and love beyond the immediate aura of your body to the surrounding area - where you will go to find a power spot and contact nature spirits.

Telepathically (by thinking while channeling the love and light energy) send out signals to nature spirits to emerge and be aware of your presence.

Say why you have come, and invite them to join in sharing, mutual celebration, and the work you intend.

Visualize the light and love energy you are channeling extending out and merging with the light from distant places.

Feel the power of the Earth flowing up through your body and feet.

Feel the power from the sky, and channel this power also to further energize the carrier signal of light and love for communicating with nature.

Visualize the light expanding and merging.

Continue to send out telepathic signals.

Now go deeper:

Close your eyes, sit on the Earth, and feel your connection while you channel more light and love.

Continue modulating the light and love with your thoughts - inviting receptive spirits to join with you and to make themselves known.

If in a group, someone should start playing a drum at a rate of about one beat per second; and you should listen to the drum and let the drum take you deeper.

Affirm that you are a nature magician, a medicine person, who knows and communicates with nature. Let this part of yourself emerge to full consciousness. Let the drum and the connection to your inner self awaken that part of yourself that naturally communicates with other life forms. Let it awaken your telepathic senses.

Continue sending telepathic signals to nature.

When you feel ready and an inner urge to begin, open your eyes a crack and look around, while continuing to channel love and light and telepathically calling for a response.

You may see light coming from certain areas that are receptive. You may get other signals, such as a feeling of power or love returning in a certain direction. Perhaps the type of response to this work will be unexpected; follow your intuition in interpreting it.

You may test your connection by communicating (mentally) instructions for signals for yes/no responses (such as light getting brighter for less and darker for no) and then mentally ask questions and observe the responses.

When you have found an areas that seems to be responsive and receptive, begin walking to the area, while beaming love energy. Extend your aura to the area and sense the energy.

Entering A Power Spot

Before entering a power spot, ask permission to enter. If the response is good, enter; if not, locate another more receptive area.
When entering the power spot, look around. Perhaps the responsive energy will be concentrated around some singularity (a bush, a tree, a specific branch, a moss covered rock, or other entity that stands out). Perhaps the energy will be more general. Use your intuition and feedback from the spirits to guide your actions.

If it feels right, send out a signal that you would like to touch the singularity (or the ground) for better communication. If the response is good, approach beaming love energy, and then touch or hug the singularity (or the ground).
Treat the spirits as you would other Pagans you meet for the first time - be sensitive, open, and listen.

Deepening Communication With Nature Spirits

Now that you have made contact with spirits that seem receptive, deepen the communication:

Breathe deep breaths from the diaphragm, and with each breath, feel more refreshed.

Now imagine that your spine is the trunk of a tree; and, from its base, roots extend deep into the Earth. Deep into the rich moist Earth.
With every breath, feel the roots extending deeper,

Feel the energy deep within the Earth and within the waters of the Earth. Feel your roots absorbing nourishment from the Earth and from its waters.

Feel the moist, warm energy rising.

Feel it bursting up from the Earth and rising up your spine, like sap rises in a tree.

Feel the energy rise to your crown chakra (at the top of your head).

Now imagine that you have branches, branches that sweep up and then bend down towards the Earth, like the limbs of a willow.

Feel the branches extending and interweaving with your surroundings.

Feel the warm, moist energy of the Earth flowing through your branches. As it flows, feel yourself being purified, centered, and connected to the Earth.

Feel the power from the Earth flowing through your branches and then down back to the Earth, like a fountain.

Note how your branches absorb energy from the air. Also, feel them receiving light (fire) from the sky.

Feel the energy from above penetrating deep through your body into the Earth.

Feel the warmth of the Earth rising also.

Feel the energy circulating.

Notice how your branches intertwine with the branches of energy surrounding you.

Feel the energy dancing among your branches and the branches around you.

Notice how your roots also intertwine with underground energy channels.

Feel the energy dancing between your roots and the surrounding energy patterns.

Notice how you and the life around you are rooted in the same Earth, breathing the same air, receiving the same fire, drinking the same water, sharing the same underlying essence. You are one with the magical grove.

Telepathically mention the time in the past when nature spirits and people communicated regularly and the need to establish such communication now.

Test your connection by asking questions and observing the responses.

Working With Nature Spirits

Explain to the spirits the purpose of your coming to them and the nature of the ritual you plan.

If the spirits you contacted are receptive:

Explain to them the details of the ritual and invite them to provide ideas.

Listen, you may receive suggestions on how to improve the ritual. Such suggestions may come in the form of hunches, visions, answers to yes/no questions using pre-arranged signals, or in other ways.

Explain what type of space is needed and ask what the best place to perform the ritual is.

You may see light or get other psychic signals leading you to other sites, or you may be at one of them.

You may also ask what the best places for other aspects of the planned work are (picnicking, individual vision quests, etc.).

If preparation of the site is needed (removing briars, preparing a fire circle, etc.) ask permission of the spirits before proceeding with such action.

Before you leave the power spot, tell the spirits you have contacted when you plan to return to do the ritual (visualizing the associated lunar and solar aspects can help with this communication).

Invite them to join in the ritual when you return and to bring their friends.

Ask if it would be best to return silently, with drums, with chanting, or with some other form of approach.

You can also ask the spirits to provide guidance for working in balance and to provide a teacher to provide further guidance.
Before you leave the power spot:

Thank the spirits,

Channel love energy,

Trigger your memory of the experience, and

If it feels right, leave an offering of tobacco, or beer and honey poured on the ground (or other suitable material).
Leave in peace and love.

Proceed to other sites that were indicated by the spirits, doing similar meditations at each site.

If you need something, like a staff, a Maypole, or a wand, you can also ask where you can find it and follow the guidance you receive (not slavishly, but as you would guidance from another Pagan).

Before leaving the general area in which you found power spots and contacted nature spirits:

Channel love energy towards the receptive sites you found,

Thank the spirits of the land,

Pull back your roots and branches,
Ground any excess energy into the Earth (placing your hands on the Earth, breathe in any excess energy, and channel the energy down your arms, while visualizing and feeling the energy going into the Earth), and

Leave in peace and love.

Naturally, you should leave the area at least as clean, and preferably cleaner, than you found it.

If you work with techniques of Wicca or Ceremonial Magic, you may find that by casting a circle, calling the Elements, the Goddess, the Gods, and the local nature spirits while you are at receptive sites, you may be able to greatly increase communication.

Through the use of drums and other power raising techniques, it is even possible to energize receptive nature spirits. The results can be very interesting. If with a coven, such circles can be done as part of a group attunement to a power spot you have located.

If you do not get good feelings in response to your explanation of the ritual and are unable to come up with a ritual that gives good responses, do not try to force a good response. You would only be fooling yourself.

Thank the spirits for their attention.
Ask them why they are not receptive (if it feels right and they are communicative).

Trigger your memory.

Pull back your "roots and branches," return any excess energy you feel into the Earth.

If it feels appropriate, leave an offering of tobacco or other appropriate material, out of respect for the spirits.

Move to a more receptive site.

If it is hard to find a site that is really receptive, you should:

Consider any impressions you got of why the nature spirits weren't receptive in the area you were in, and re-think your plans for a ritual, as necessary and appropriate.

It may also be appropriate to look for another general area in which to find a suitable power site that is receptive to the work planned.

What To Do When Returning

It can be very powerful to purify and center yourself and to attune to the spirits of the land using the techniques previously described for calling nature spirits immediately upon returning to the site.

Often, individuals may have found small specific power spots to which they have a special attunement, where the spirits are interested in participating; but where the site is too small, has too much vegetation, or is otherwise unsuitable for the main ritual. Individual attunement to the spirits in such areas and inviting them to participate in the main ritual can be worthwhile.

Then approach the main ritual site using the previously arranged technique. You should have the details worked out with the spirits of the land. An exceptionally powerful technique involves doing a procession through or past receptive power spots, inviting nature spirits to join as you pass each power spot, and then moving to the central power spot for the main ritual. If participants are at individual power spots, they can join the procession as it passes nearby.

When consecrating space in the wild, or casting a circle, do not set up the perimeter as a barrier to all outside forces; it should be a beacon to attract friendly nature spirits, a container for holding magical power, and a barrier to spirits who it isn't right to be with.
One thing that is fun and worthwhile in nature is to bring instruments, such as a rattle, a flute and/or a drum, to tune in to nature's sounds, and to make music in time to nature's sounds. You may be able to get some very interesting back and forth exchanges of music going with selected creatures of the wild, and get into an amazing jam session.

After the work is complete, be sure to thank the spirits for their participation. Libations and other offerings may also be left for the spirits during and/or after the ritual.


There are other ways of working with nature spirits. This is one approach. The author thanks Selena Fox for teaching the basic guided meditation technique for locating and contacting nature spirits at a tranceworking session sponsored by the Chameleon Club (part of the Association for Consciousness Exploration) in 1981, Vicky Smith for editorial review of this article, Isaac Bonewitz for the outline of the expanded tree meditation, and Carlos Castenada, Black Eagle, Pasha, the Goddess, the Gods, and various nature spirits for teaching the rest of the good methods.

Most of this article is an expansion of an article by the author titled "Finding a Sacred Grove for Druid Initiation" by Larry Cornett, published in The Druid's Progress and in Amaranth Anthology.

Rights To Distribute This Article

This article is written by Larry Cornett. It is copyrighted l988; and it is hereby placed by the author in the public domain, providing it is not modified without the explicit permission of the author and providing the author is acknowledged. It may therefore be distributed freely to any BBS or other Electronic Forum or copied and handed out for free. Permission to reprint it in a publication for sale may be requested from the author, and will generally be granted in exchange for a copy of the publication containing the article. This copyright takes precedence over any copyright expressed or implied by any BBS or commercial system on which this file is posted.
Larry Cornet
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Filling The Void - Full Moon Insight


A few years ago, back in 2006, on the night of the full moon, I was thinking of a past client of mine, whom I had done some healing work on, on an emotional level.  As I was gazing out the window, watching the beautiful full moon rise over the mountains in the clear Santa Fe night, I remembered how she had told me she had been sexually abused as a child by her stepbrother and had never received any treatment because her parents were afraid it would ruin the family.  It appeared that this abusive past lead to a current eating disorder she had.

Suddenly a door slammed - I jumped - my heart started pumping harder, and I mumbled a few words under my breath.  I tried to regain my composure by turning on the radio.  I ran through the stations to find a comfortable song. "All the same empty noise," I thought.  I wonder why I keep this crazy thing on so much of the time.  It's almost like I'm trying to fill a void somehow.

I looked toward the mountains again.  The moon was so bright and full that it illuminated the clouds sitting above the mountaintops.  I turned the radio off and began to be thankful for the majesty of nature.  I thought of the full moon ritual I had planned for later in the night.  A feeling of enormous debt filled my heart and soul.  I began to offer thanksgiving to Goddess Diana for the beauty that I was seeing outside the window.  I began to muse: "I wonder, my Goddess, why I have a yearning - almost a need - to fill every minute with music or books or something to satisfy the void.  Why does Sherrie (the previously mentioned client -names have been changed) seek to fill her void with food?  Why does Susan feel a need to fill her void with drugs, and why does Bert seek to fill his void with sex?  Why does there sometimes seem to be a giant hole in our lives, even when we want to do what's right?"

After these questions, thoughts and feelings filled my heart and soul.  The answer came in a peaceful awareness.  I had lived with Goddess Diana in the premortal existence.  In that realm I was filled with Her divine love for me as Her son.  When I came to Earth, I left Her presence, and a void was created.  I felt the void was placed in my heart for my earthly journey so I would seek Her again.  As I seek to know and love Diana, the void can be filled.

It was a soft and quiet answer - as quiet as the moonlit night. But it touched my soul, and tears began to well up in the corner of my eyes.

Now, as I work with clients on healing levels who are suffering from pain, loneliness, and addictions, I have reached a new awareness that they are all trying to fill their void in ways that can only tear them apart.  The void cannot be filled by external sources but must be filled from beings a journey of true healing and recovery.

Monday, February 1, 2021

Defining Paganism

The definition of Pagan is as illusive as it is controversial. By some standards, pagan is simply any religion other than Christian, Muslim or Jewish. It is safe to say that this definition does not justify the unified culture that encapsulates pagan events and gatherings.

Others refer to pagans as polytheists; that also is not true of all pagans.

According to some sources, and the definition used by the Pagan and Earth-Based Spirituality Organization, paganism "refers to the worship of deities [and] the use of surviving symbols and practices of ancient religions." This definition seems to me to be most descriptive of what I have witnessed in pagan circles. For a very thorough analysis of the various definitions, try

Is Paganism the same as Wicca?

Wiccans are pagans, but not all Pagans are Wiccans. Paganism can be thought of as an umbrella term which encapsulates many traditions such as Wicca, Druidism, Ancient Native American beliefs, and some might even include Buddhism and Hinduism. Wicca is a specific religion which is acknowledged as an official religion by the United States government. It has its own doctrines which include "Do what ye will, but harm none", and the belief that all deeds, good or evil, return to you in three-fold. While these beliefs are not across the board for Pagans, many modern pagans have similar doctrines.

How and what do Pagans worship?

Pagans have a wide array of visions of the divine. Most recognize a balance between a feminine divinity and a masculine divinity. This is witnessed in such concepts as the Taoist Yin and Yang, the ancient earth mother and sky father, the many gods and goddesses, and even in the Hebrew Adam and Eve. Often it is seen that there is a place in which this masculine and feminine energy come together in unity and this is the ultimate source of power. Some pagans do not name their idea of divinity and merely refer to it as "The Divine", "Great Mother/ Great Father" or "Limitless Light". Others break their idea of divinity into specific attributes which are assigned to the various gods and goddesses. Some even have "patron deities", or deities in which they feel most empowered by or drawn to. Pagan worship is just as varied as any other religion in terms of worship. Prayer, ritual, fasting, meditation, drumming, singing, and dancing are often used to connect with the divine. Just as any religion, some pagans are very strict and rigid in their worship, while others are very lax.

Do Pagans sacrifice things in ritual?

Usually when one thinks of ritual sacrifice, they think about an animal (or small child!).( I, personally do NOT endorse or approve of such things, I am merely stating what is a commonly believed idea ). In reality, ritual sacrifice is usually much less dramatic. During ceremony, wine or milk is often poured on the ground, as well as bread being broken, as a offering to the goddess or to show appreciation for the harvest. Often, unproductive or bad habits are sacrificed to clear a path for new growth. There are still some groups that perform animal sacrifices during ritual, in which case the animal is blessed, sacrificed, and the eaten after ritual ( a far more humane and respectful way to kill an animal for food than the more common "slaughter-house method"). This practice is still relatively rare in modern pagan practice. Most Pagans tend to be very animal, plant and Earth friendly and some even refuse to eat meat at all.

How does one become Pagan?

One becomes pagan by learning a path which is considered pagan then developing a connection and love for it. You may be able to find local events in your area that draw a large Pagan crowd to develop a network of peers. I find that this is most rewarding and that being active in the Pagan community constantly reaffirms why you are so connected with your chosen path.

Where can I find a Pagan group?

Some areas are blessed with a strong pagan presence, while other area may require a bit of searching. Military areas tend to be good for the pagan presence as it draws people from all backgrounds and creates a "melting pot" effect. Look in the phone book for occult or magick supplies. Some times these stores have connections to local groups or may even host events themselves.

Sunday, January 31, 2021

On Becoming a Wiccan

As you might assume, I get a great deal of email. Of this, quite a bit is from those asking for guidance on how to start being Wiccan or a Witch. First off, as a beginner, forget about casting spells. Spellwork is not the main focus of this path and there is much to learn and understand before you delve into advanced practices. If that's what you want, you've missed the point and are seeking the old way's for all the wrong reasons...

Simply put, it doesn't make sense for the novice to want to command the forces of nature and the universe when you don't fully comprehend or understand them. To do so, only invites total failure or worse if you are successful in casting a spell or opening a portal and letting some nasty out to follow you around.

For most long term experienced Wiccan's and Witches, spellwork probably consists of less than 25% of what walking this path is about. Yes, we occasionally use spells, but that isn't the most important part of being magickal.

So how then do you begin living a magickal life? 

Visiting your local public library is always a good source of reading materials.  My suggestion on this, once you get to the shelves holding such books, reach out and grab that first one that "calls" out to you.

Since the Lord and Lady speak to each of us differently, the answers to how a magickal life applies to you are questions only you and the Goddess or God can find and define together. While I suspect that many of you already have a beginning awareness of the answers, they are most likely only faint glimmerings.

Understand that the seeds of awareness are already within each of us through the divine energy of our spirits. We need only listen to the subtle whispers and nudges as the Goddess speaks to us. They are like the caress of a gentle breeze. Subtle and faint, yet still a tangible awareness in our subconscious and soul. It is when we learn to recognize the subtle nuances of her voice, then meditate and focus upon how they apply to us individually that we can truly being living a magickal life.

Walking this path consists of achieving an understanding and awareness of how all things are infused with divine energy and are connected. Once you truly gain this awareness, you then tap into divine energy and everything begins to fall in place like the pieces of a puzzle. It is at this point when you can begin to "work magick" because now you understand how "magick works." It is within you and always has been. You just need to realize it.

This concept is aptly stated in Doreen Valiente's Charge of the Goddess.

"To thou who thinkest to seek me, know that thy seeking and
yearning shall avail thee not unless thou knowest the mystery.
If that which thou seekest thou findest not within thee,
thou wilt never find it without."

In closing, suppose the best guidance I can offer would be to begin living life differently. Make a conscious effort to slow down and become aware of everything around you. Signs of the Goddesses presence are everywhere. As we grew up however, we were trained by the influence of a technological society to stop recognizing and acknowledging them and we lost our awareness and connection.

When we were young, all of life and nature around us was truly magickal. Colors were brighter, the tastes and textures of food were more vivid as they gave us their energy, we felt the caress of a warm summer breeze differently. The examples could go on and on, but in short, we saw, felt and understood the magick. We had an unspoken awareness from all of our senses of the magick around us.

How does one go about reclaiming that awareness? 

Go to a park and watch the children, hear the pureness of their laughter for they see and feel the magick. Walk through the grass with your shoes off and remember... Lay back and watch the clouds, marvel at the blueness of the sky, see and feel the Goddess in the gentle breeze. Pay attention and slowly you will "remember" how to hear that unspoken voice and see the magick again...

Saturday, January 30, 2021

Angels, Guardian Angels and Archangels

Angels are a separate creation, believed by some to be between God and human. By others, these are believed to be gods and goddesses, as to be distinguished from Gods and Goddesses. They are believed to be powerful beings, and archangels are believed to be very powerful beings. There are many types of angels. I will only discuss a few in this writing at this time. 

Guardian Angels

Many believe that we all have guardian angels that protect and guide us throughout our lives, assigned to us from birth. In a May 2004 Gallup poll, 72 percent of Americans said that they believe in angels. 

A guardian angel is assigned to you and never leaves your side. Some believe that you have one guardian angel and others believe that you have two. But all believers agree that your guardian angel is with you throughout your entire life. 

Communicating with Your Guardian Angel

According to the book Angel Therapy by Doreen Virtue, you can communicate with your guardian angel in many ways:
Letters. Write down your worries, questions and concerns and then your angels can assist you with your troubles.

  •  Visualization. You can visualize your angels using your mind’s eye. This can be a powerful experience in connecting to your angels. 

  •  Thinking. You can connect with your guardian angels by calling on them mentally. Angels do not need to hear a spoken word to come to your aid; they will come to your aid when they hear your thought. 

  •  Speaking. You can also speak to the guardian angels aloud. If speaking your mind comforts you, then speak to your angels and trust that they will come. 

Your angels are always there and they want to assist you with whatever is on your mind and in your heart. All you need to do is to ask for help and your angels are right there. According to Virtue, an angel will not interfere with a human’s life unless asked, except in a life-threatening situation. 

 A guardian angel’s inspiration

Whether or not you choose to communicate with your guardian angel, they are always ready to assist you with important matters in your life. They follow you throughout your day, guiding and protecting you. Your guardian angel may nudge you to do something, or nudge you to avoid doing something. You may get a good feeling about doing something – and this could very well come from your guardian angel. Your guardian angels are happy to inspire you whenever you need their assistance. 

It is comforting to know that your guardian angel is always there for you, when times are good and when times are troubling.


Archangels are angels who epitomize the fullest development of the qualities, attributes, and principles of the Universal Rays. Donning the sacred mantle of Archangel is a celebratory act of affirmation and of commitment to the unity of the greater whole. 

There are many angels, but the ranks of the archangels are limited by the necessity for members of their angelic order to be tried and tested, trustworthy to their starcore, and truly intent upon helping others. 

As Archangels, their prior actions and behavior serve as an exemplary role model for other angels and humans to aspire to as they traverse the universal evolutionary spirals. Archangels then are angels who epitomize the fullest development of the qualities, attributes, and principles of the Universal Rays. 

Archangels can also belong to one or more of the other orders of angels. To become a chief among angels, however, an angel must exhibit noteworthy capabilities, remarkable flexibility, and just leadership abilities. 

By embodying both the highest vibrational and the lightest resonance levels, they have consistently walked their talk, earning them both the honor and the privilege of becoming an angelic chieftain. 

As Archangels, their prior actions and behavior serve as an exemplary role model for other angels and humans to aspire to as they traverse the universal evolutionary spirals. The triune qualities of Love, Light, and Power are balanced in their consciousnesses and divine matrixes. 

Although the Archangels are also almost equally balanced in both their masculine and feminine polarities, they are all slightly skewed more towards one of the polarities than the other, making them either a male angel or a female angel. 

Today for the most part, there are an equal number of female and male Archangels serving on the Twelve Universal Rays. Supportive emissaries with bridging responsibilities, the Archangels span dimensional time and space to serve as patrons and protectors of humanity, bringing hallowed blessings and providing intercessional openings... 

The most widely recognized list of Archangels that have been overlighting earthly endeavors who are currently holding positions on one of the Twelve Universal Rays includes, Archangel Chamael, Archangel Gabriel, Archangel Jophiel, Archangel Michael, Archangel Raphael, Archangel Urriel (Urimiel), and Archangel Zadkiel. Dozens of other Archangels have now joined them, providing supportive assistance. 

Divine Plan patterning for each of the Twelve Universal Rays, which are washing the earth and its inhabitants with many hues of divine radiance at this time, includes one overall office with at many positions for both Archangels and Hierarchs. 

In order to maximize the grounding and manifestation of the Universal Ray energetic templates, the members form a cohesively interactive group that shares both the powers and the responsibilities for that Universal Ray in an evenhanded and equitable manner. 

Each of the Archangels who serves on one of the Twelve Universal Rays has a very distinctive soul-note or spiritual personality that reflects not only their current evolutionary status, but also their personal functional aspirations for the Universal Ray they work on and the modalities they use such as their primary stones, birds, trees, flowers, and essential oils. 

The words that describe and delineate the Archangels of the Universal Rays and their Sacred Sites were carefully chosen by each of them so that they would act as ignition keys, opening windows of understanding in those who read them. 

The symbolic tonal qualities of the position titles for each of the Twelve Universal Rays was carefully chosen to indicate the full import of the outworking of the Divine Plan for this local universe via the inherent interrelationship between name and form. 

Archangel Chamael, for example, brings powerful transmutation, fiery patterning, and vigorous visualization to the Ninth Ray of Divine Protection. He strengthens and imbues pursuers of transcendent metamorphosis with hopeful tenacity, as they continue, step by step, from potent penetrating vision to authoritative fulfilling actualization. 

The primary intentional goal of the Archangels of the Twelve Universal Rays is for these commendable "Archangel Caliber" functional responsibilities, modalities, and qualities to be regularly and routinely exhibited by humanity in daily life throughout the Natural Landscape... 

Friday, January 29, 2021

Responsibilitly of the Elders of the Pagan Path

This is a great and powerful time for the Earth and Nature based beliefs. Whether you call yourself Wiccan, Pagan, Witch, Shaman or Neo-something, we are seeing a greater return and flowing toward these beliefs than at any other time in history. Thousands of people both young and old reach out to us seeking answers, searching for the truth and fellowship with others of like mind. Without exception, these people are hearing the voices of our ancestors and they are listening to the gentle voice of the Lord and Lady which echo's in their soul. For those of us who have traveled this path for a time, this is the beginning of a new era and one which requires a change in our thought processes. I will speak to this in greater detail later.

My experience from talking with others has shown, that while many of us are out of the proverbial "Broom Closet," when talking with close friends who share our beliefs, we quite often play our cards close to the vest when dealing with others outside our close circle of friends. In many cases, this is still a necessity because of family or work considerations, however it carries over into our dealings with other followers of our community with whom we have not become comfortable. With the dawn of this new era, we must shed these apprehensions to move forward and embrace those just becoming enlightened to the voices of our ancestors.

Hopefully, those of you who have walked this path for a time, can remember how confused and unsure you were when beginning you journey. Like myself, there is a possibility that you wrestled with the emotional conflicts between what you had always been led to believe by the unaware, and what your heart was telling you. You probably also were unsure where to start reading and learning even though there were only a hand full of books or so to choose from.

Today it is just as confusing to the new seekers of truth and information if not more so. They still struggle with the same emotional conflicts as we did, yet there are several hundred books to choose from and relatively few of us willing to step far enough away from the shadows to offer advice and guidance in making the right choices. It is an intimidating situation for them to say the least.

This is the area where I want to nudge your comfort zones and present a concept which you may not have thought about.

Earlier, I said that those of us who have followed this path must change our thought processes. In considering this, we must come to understand that the beginning followers of the Earth and Nature beliefs we see today are the new generation. These are the people who are coming forward to learn, understand, embrace and dispel the centuries of superstition and misconception which surround our beliefs. Therefore, we must move forward to embrace the next generation. We must move forward to assume the role of mentors and guides.

If we ever hope to achieve understanding and acceptance of our beliefs to build unity within our scattered communities, WE MUST shoulder the responsibility of ensuring THAT future becomes a reality. We simply cannot sit idle and hope those who follow will understand the true meaning of our ways without adequate guidance.

As with any rite or ritual, we know from experience that the realization of our intent and will is totally dependent upon the energy we pour into that working. We must then understand that that ensuring a positive future for our ways is no different. We will get back exactly what energy we put into the Cauldron of the future.

We are the Elders of the Wiccan, Pagan and Witchcraft community, and we are the future Wise One's of the past. If we do not teach our traditions, values, morals and ethics of the old ways, who will?

I receive many request each and every month of new ones seeking information. Each and every one represents our future reaching a hand out to us, the Elders, the Wise One's of these paths for guidance and answers. They are willing to understand, accept and follow this path, if we will only take the time to truthfully answer their questions and guide them from our wisdom and experience.

Understand this clearly my friends. They are the future, our legacy, the ones who are reaching out to change the centuries of myth, superstition and misconception which we and those before us have sought for so long.

So as you surf the Internet or encounter one who is new to our ways, embrace them with love and make the connection with their spirit. I urge you to not pass them by, but to reach out and take that hand if even only momentarily to answer a question or offer reassurance. Let the love of the Lord and Lady fill your spirit and move a few steps further away from the shadows. Assume your place as one of the teachers of Strength, Honor, Harmony and Balance. Come forward to help bring the Lady's children home to the warmth and security of her bosom.

I charge you to step from the shadows and take your place within the Circle to escort the dawn of a new day for our beliefs. 

Thursday, January 28, 2021

Blackfoot History

Acknowledged as one of the most powerful tribes in the American northwest, the Blackfeet are a confederacy of three independent tribes presently living in Montana and Alberta, Canada. The name "Blackfeet" originates from the distinctive black hue of their moccasins, either painted that color or perhaps darkened by prairie fires.

Modern scholars believe that the Blackfeet migrated westward over three centuries ago from the northern Great Lakes region; their language belongs to the Algonkian linguistic family (centered in that region) and other aspects of their culture, i.e., utensils, pottery, etc. This westward migration is thought to have been caused by the competitive nature (among Indians in the region) of supplying French traders with sufficient animal furs and pelts.

The Blackfeet quickly assimilated in to a nomadic type of existence in the northern plains; plentiful buffalo assured them of a strong future. A shaman or medicine man aided the hunt through the powerful use of the talisman to help lure the buffalo to the fall.

By the early 1700's, extensive trade was going on with the Midwest and east coast settlers. Buffalo hides were traded for many different items, not the least of which were horses and guns. These two items radically changed the nature of the buffalo hunt; thus there was more time to develop more ornate cultural items, rituals, and myths to tell their stories and educate their young people.

The most sacred yearly event was the sun dance, or Medicine Lodge Ceremony. As a communal event, the Blackfeet and other Plains tribes would gather in mid-summer to fulfill vows to assure the well-being of the community through the continued abundance of the buffalo.

This time of prosperity and growth was soon cut short by the invasion of white settlers into Indian territory.

Undoubtedly, the greatest devastation to the Indian people was the near extinction of the buffalo by the white settlers. Their main food source gone and not having yet taken up the concept of farming, the Blackfeet were forced with total dependence upon the Indian Agency for food. The winter of 1884 was a cruel one; over 600 Indians starved to death reducing the tribe to some 1,400 people.

To help the tribe live in the white man's world, the government and religious organizations setup schools and other programs to educate the Blackfeet children and help create jobs on the reservation. The aim of these ventures was to educate the Blackfeet people so that the can have their own governance and self-determination.

Many of the Blackfeet have served with honor and distinctions in the armed services; their example and leadership have been example to younger generations here on the reservation.

Of an estimated 14,000 Blackfeet in the world today, approximately 8,500 live on the reservation. The town of Browning is the seat of the tribal government as well as the site of the annual North American Indian Days celebration in mid-Jul.