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What Is The Evil Eye and How To Protect Against This Magic

The Evil Eye Is A Magical Attack

“The Sign of the Horns: Protection against the 'Evil Eye'A type of attack that I do not usually speak about is the Evil Eye. The Evil Eye is more of a lesser magic type of attack. The victim defeats or damages themselves with very little if any at all energy expended by the predator. Those practitioners that would put the evil eye on a weak minded victim know that their target will usually worry, be paranoid, and psychosomatically hurt themselves.

Many practitioners of attack magic have a flaw, they need to see their results in order to gauge if the effects or energy that they are throwing at their target is taking effect. This of course is a huge deal to those that wish to know about defending themselves.

One of the best possible defenses against Psi Vampiric type of attacks or people is disallowing them contact with you on any level. Those of you that open up those fun letters that they might send you or emails that are in your inboxes. Those of you that can't resist speaking to them over the telephone or Instant Messaging devices you may own. An attack of this type needs to have some kind of contact or way that they can reach you. This is both to monitor that their effects are working and to keep you connected to them.

I have always said that I have no worries about a person that needs an article of clothing, blood, a picture, or any item of mine in order to direct energy against me. I feel that if there is a need to worry it is against some practitioners that needs none of these things and can do without simply by using my resonance. However lets face it, most practitioners these days are severely outclassed in that their attack skills are hindered by their conditioned morals that society has placed upon them. Therefore they haven't had much practice in effective attack techniques.

That isn't to say that some are deadly capable, but it is to say that the probability of you being attacked by one such individual is low. Therefore 90% of the time you can easily bypassed any attack simply through non contact. Disallowing the links or bonds to be made in the first place with your attacker denies them the ability to hit you with any precision.

The same can be said in the effects of those that use lesser magic to gain certain victories. Most lesser magic is simple insults or activities that get into your victims head psychologically. A statement that will completely devour the opponent with their own doubt, remorse, greed, or any number of other all consuming emotions that are passionate to the individual. Once again the attacker using this method will need to monitor closely their victims and look to see what is being the most effective in order to keep future attacks efficient.

Author Does Not Encourage The Practice Of Evil Eye Magic

I am not a practitioner of Evil Eye, and do not encourage the use of such magic. This article is simply an attempt to define how this type of magic works. As with any spell work or magic, we need to remember that key aspect to not harm another, as well as Karma, which is a Universal Law. Good actions bringing good Karma, bad or hurtful actions bringing bad or hurtful Karma.

Sunday, March 8, 2020

2021 and 2022 Hurricane Names - Atlantic Basin / Eastern North-Pacific

2021 and 2022 Hurricane Names

As one who has endured quite a few Gulf of Mexico hurricanes, I always am keeping up and tracking the hurricanes and tropical storms.  Hurricane Ike and Hurricane Harvey were the two most memorable hurricanes that I went through. 

During the 2021 hurricane season as well as the 2022 hurricane season, from what I am seeing, being we are going to continue to be in the midst what they call a 70 year cycle, we will see pretty much the same activity we saw in that past two hurricane seasons, the 2019 hurricane season as well as the 2020 hurricane season.

I am not one to predict geographic locations for where the hurricanes, tropical storms and/or tropical depressions will form or make landfall.  Nor do I project the strength of the hurricanes in advance.  There are plenty of others out there who predict and speculate and I will leave that all up to them.

I would suggest that if you are in a geographic area where tropical activity may occur, that you be prepared with an evacuation plan as well as an emergency / hurricane kit to help you survive during and after a hurricane or tropical storm event. The following link is showing what our hurricane and natural disaster emergency kit contains as well as a preparedness checklist. What Is Needed For Your Hurricane and Natural Disaster Emergency Kit With A Preparedness Checklist.

2021 Hurricane Season

The lists include storms in both the Atlantic Basin (Gulf and East Coast hurricanes) and Eastern North-Pacific (Pacific Island and West Coast hurricanes).

Hurricane season officially starts on June 1 and ends on November 30.

Hurricane Names for 2021

Atlantic Tropical (and Subtropical) Storm Names for 2021

Ana Henri Odette
Bill Ida Peter
Claudette Julian Rose
Danny Kate Sam
Elsa Larry Teresa
Fred Mindy Victor
Grace Nicholas Wanda

Eastern North-Pacific Tropical (and Subtropical) Storm Names for 2021

Andres Ignacio Rick
Blanca Jimena Sandra
Carlos Kevin Terry
Dolores Linda Vivian
Enrique Marty Waldo
Felicia Nora Xina
Guillermo Olaf York
Hilda Pamela Zelda
Note: Hurricanes are given names according to a formal system that is managed by the World Meteorological Organization. 

2022 Hurricane Season
The lists include storms in both the Atlantic Basin (Gulf and East Coast hurricanes) and Eastern North-Pacific (Pacific Island and West Coast hurricanes).

Hurricane season officially starts on June 1 and ends on November 30.

Hurricane Names for 2022

Atlantic Tropical (and Subtropical) Storm Names for 2022

Alex Hermine Owen
Bonnie Ian Paula
Colin Julia Richard
Danielle Karl Shary
Earl Lisa Tobias
Fiona Martin Virginie
Gaston Nicole Walter 

Eastern North-Pacific Tropical (and Subtropical) Storm Names for 2022

Agatha Ivette Roslyn
Blas Javier Seymour
Celia Kay Tina
Darby Lester Virgil
Estelle Madeline Winifred
Frank Newton Xavier
Georgette Orlene Yolanda
Howard Paine Zeke
Note: Hurricanes are given names according to a formal system that is managed by the World Meteorological Organization.

Other Basin Names (Worldwide)

Lists of names for other tropical cyclone basins outside of NHC responsibility can be found on the World Meteorological Organization tropical cyclone naming page.

You can view the 2019 and 2020 hurricane names for Atlantic Basin / Eastern North-Pacific here.

Sunday, March 1, 2020

Google Chrome Crashes: Attempting Photo Uploads and Attachments With Yahoo Mail

Google Chrome Crashes Continue To Multiply

The beginning of the Yahoo Mail crash when attempting to upload an attachment.When it comes the Google Chrome Browser, the problems and issues never seem to cease. I operate a Dell Inspiron 1545, Intel(R)Core(TM)2 Duo CPU T6600 @ 2.20GHz, 4.00 GB RAM with Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit operating system.

I have written about the Google Chrome crashes with the flash player in the article Google Chrome Crashes In Windows 7 - Update on solution found. However, here I will address the issues of Google Chrome crashes associated when trying to upload photos to a website and uploading attachments to Yahoo Mail. I will attempt to recreate a crash or two and grab a screen shot of the crash going down.

First I will address the uploading of photos from your computer to a website. You arrive at the website all set to go and in my case, will probably write and article, then attempt to access my files to upload a photo or two. As soon as I open my folder on my computer for picture files, boom, Google Chrome crashes each and every time leaving me with just my desktop showing. All tabs, all windows, all information suddenly disappears. You can have hours of work just simply gone in an instant if you have not repeatedly been saving your work as you go along. Of course saving your work every minute or two does get to be quite burdensome and I know I skip doing this often as I get caught up in the article I may be working on.

This has been going on for well over a year. I have waited and waited for a solution to be found to no avail. I have visited the forums online, far too many to count, to find that there is no doable or viable solution to be found. I have contacted Google, with no positive results. There appears to be a full lack of concern by the techs of the Google Chrome Browser to fix this issue. I am open to anyone who wants to leave a solution to this problem in comment on this article! My only solution has been to import all my bookmarks to a Firefox spin off browser that I enjoy using, PaleMoon.

To me, this is sad, as Google Chrome features make Google Chrome the best browser for what I do online. As an author I am logged in to Google AdSense, Webmaster Tools, Google Analytics, Gmail, Google Documents, YouTube, etc., without having to log in to each and every site that is Google related. When I use another browser, I seemingly have to log in to each account which to say the least is time consuming.

Should a solution be found, I will be updating this article in the future.

Now, to address the Yahoo Mail uploading of attachments. As an AT&T U-verse subscriber for my internet needs and various others options in my bundle, Yahoo Mail is what I use as it works best with my internet connection and U-verse account. I can pull in other email accounts and view them all in my inbox. I have been using Yahoo Mail for about ten years and have documents in folders there that are that old. I have never had an issue with losing any information or documents stored on the Yahoo mail site. Should my home system crash, or if I am out and about and need to access my email on another system, all my folders and information is readily available. This is a feature that I do enjoy by having my email data stored online, off my system, as I have had system crashes in the past and if not backed up, would have lost my folders I have on Yahoo as well as all sent emails and saved emails not to mention my contacts which are quite extensive.

I used to use the Yahoo Mail Classic, however in recent years, Yahoo Mail gives us the option for a New Yahoo Mail. I prefer the new Yahoo mail as it is fast and works well, or was fast and working well at one point if one is not using Google Chrome 

The first issue I had with the new Yahoo mail using Google Chrome was that I would click reply or forward on an email and the window would open, and still does by the way, to the blank email that you are going to write in. It will then simply lock up and freeze due to the stationary attempting to load. Not sure why that happens and contacting Yahoo, AT&T and browsing the forums has not given me a solution. When this happens, my whole system then locks up, and I have to do a cold start at times. You can not take the stationary option off of the new Yahoo Mail. I have looked high and low and that option is not available. I never use stationary myself.

The biggest issues for me is with new Yahoo mail, and Google Chrome. I will have an email open and attempt to attach a document to the email. When I click on "attach" nothing simply happens. No window shows up and the option to attach does not happen. The only way I can EVER attach a document to my Yahoo Mail is to revert to the Yahoo Mail in a browser other than Chrome. Sometimes, when I am lucky, I am able to at least save what I am working on in draft, then go to the option of closing my email and switching over to Yahoo Mail in a different browser to do my attachment. I normally will switch to PaleMoon or Firefox to attach in Yahoo Mail.

Again, no solution is to be found and the lack of concern by Google is the largest thing you will find when you research the problem online in various forums and such. Google seemingly will not attempt on a solution. That being said, I have found some solutions that involve going deeply into your operating system and manipulating files in order to attempt a fix for the problem. I am not an expert on such things and refuse to go that far to "attempt" a fix risking damage to my system. To me, it is an apparent Google problem from what all my research has shown and not computer related or OS related.

As mentioned, none of these issues are new for me. I was operating the same make of laptop from Dell as described above, with less RAM, a lower processor and Windows Vista, and I did not experience this issues. The issue became apparent when my other Dell crashed and Dell could not remedy the problem and replaced the system under warranty. The replacement Dell supplied came as describe in the first paragraph of this article. With the new system, the problems described started happening in December of 2010.

The issue seemingly is that Google Chrome needs to be "fixed" to be more compatible with Windows 7 64-bit. I have read of the problem happening in other operating systems, but the majority are associated with Windows 7 64-bit systems.

Any solution these issues would be greatly appreciated by this author. Please share your experiences, good or bad, with using Google Chrome and the Windows 7 64-bit operating system.

Monday, February 24, 2020

Large Free Pagan PDF Library Download - Witchcraft, Paganism, Magic, Wicca

A Large Pagan, Wicca, and Witchcraft Free eBook Download page

There have been many requests for some Pagan book downloads, so I have complied an assortment from my Pagan Library.  These e-Books are in PDF format and the downloads are free and provided to educate those who may inquire as well as those who simply want to expand their Pagan Library.

These downloads are a broad variation, and encompass many different subjects.  They will provide information, education, as well as something to discuss amongst your friends.

Feel free to comment here and I will get back with you.

Below is a list of what all is included within the whole Pagan Library Download.  The download is provided via Google Drive (PDF format) and is a safe download. Download the Free Pagan Library here.

I do hope that you enjoy the material, and as mentioned, do feel free to leave your feedback in comment.

Paganism expands the mind, calling upon a lot of what we already know, but that has been masked through our education.

Included in this free Pagan Library Download:
  • Witchcraft and Wicca - 291 eBooks (a must have collection!)
  • A Wiccan Bible - Drew, AJ
  • Indian Mythology - Native American
  • Magical Spells for your Home - How to bring magic to every area of your life
  • The Textbook of Clinically Tested Herbal Remedies
  • The Tibetan Book Of The Dead
  • Aontach Volume 4 - Druidism
  • Book of Spells - Incantations and More #1 & #2
  • Native American Health Recipes 

Download the Free Pagan Library here (PDF format).

 Download details:
308 Files, 7 Folders
4.14 GB (4,448,887,122 bytes)

Note: If this download is too large, and you want a specific that is listed above, leave a message in comment with your email address, and I will give that to you.

Tuesday, August 20, 2019

What Is A Book of Shadows? How To Use A Book of Shadows

How To Use A Book of Shadows (free Book of Shadows download)

I have gotten a lot a bit of email of late inquiring what is a Book of Shadows (BOS)? I will define what it is and how to use one. Yes, they are real and in use!

A Book of Shadows is used by Pagans of many Paths, including Wicca. It is a journal to record various things for personal use as well as coven or group use.

Preservation is the key aspect of a Book of Shadows. You want to record information for future use by yourself and/or others.

Journals have been kept for hundreds of years by witches and pagans throughout the world. These journals were referenced as A Book of Shadows starting with the publication of Gerald Gardner's book, in 1954, "Witchcraft Today." Now such journals are frequently referred to by many Pagans as a Book of Shadows.

Of course others may have their own ideas about the definition of a Book of Shadows, but I am sharing mine. The same as I share magical information along the lines of what I practice and our coven practices.

1. One main purpose for a Book of Shadows is to record details of spells and magic that you perform, or that your coven performs. Also, you can record other's work as well for reference and to build on. You can go into great detail as you record these events. Recording spells and magic performed also serve another purpose. Should anything every go "wrong" you will have the material readily available to take the spell or magic down. The way this is done by undoing actions taken, for example if you cast a spell using a pine cone you would break the spell by breaking the pine cone up and burying it on a moon cycle.

2. Research that you do also can be recorded in a Book of Shadows. This research can cover many areas including past lives, divination, as well as information gained from basic related works. This becomes a source of reference.

3. Again, I mention the preservation of records, which is what is very vital for the Book of Shadows. It is our responsibility to pass along information to others who follow us. A Book of Shadows can be added to when passed on to another "leader" or another generation. This way the recording continues on and on, leader after leader, and/or generation after generation.

4. You can add whatever you may feel led to add to your Book of Shadows! It could be songs, poems, pictures, sketches, etc. Things that are sacred to you.

When writing a spell or magic that you plan to use, make sure that it is clearly recorded so that you can read it in the sacred space that you are going to perform the spell or magic. You want it where you can see it in a not so bright atmosphere as most sacred circles and altar spaces are rather dim with only candlelight or dim lighting of other sources.

Modern day Book of Shadows may be kept on your computer hard disk, flash drive or CD. This is a great way to maintain one. However, whereas I would encourage using this method to record information, I would recommend that you actually copy the material to a handwritten Book of Shadows. By handwriting your spell or magic you are making a connection to it as well as it sticking in your memory. It is you interacting with the Gods and Goddesses through such actions. This is from my experience. There is always a Divine feeling when recording by hand in a Book of Shadows.

A Book of Shadows is a sacred tool, and should be treated as such. Keeping it on your altar is a great place as it will absorb altar energy as well as the altar and various altar tools will absorb the energies from the Book of Shadows.

Usually a Book of Shadows is personal, shared with none, or with a select group or coven. However, some have made their Book of Shadows open to all who would care to read it. The choice would be up to the individual practitioner based on what they feel within their own heart and spirituality.

Many people are familiar with the Book of Shadows from the TV series "Charmed." Also, it is a common tool among many who practice witchcraft.

I am including a download link for a free Book of Shadows here. 

If you would like a large Pagan Library click the below, shared via Google Drive:

Large Free Pagan PDF Library Download - Witchcraft, Paganism, Magic, Wicca


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Psychic Attacks and Predators: What Is the Difference Between Linking/Bonding and Chaining/Binding?

Psychic Attacks, Bindings and Chainings

Links and bonds naturally occur or can be created between people when we establish close, connected relationships. Consider the bond between a parent and a child, two close friends or lovers that allows for empathic awareness of those we care deeply for. However, links and bonds can also become a tool for what is called chaining or binding. Chaining or binding is a strategic process used in order to ensure a psychic predator a more favorable environment to work in. It goes well beyond a link or bond as the ports or openings are used to give insight to the victim's wants and fears as well as their cognitive and emotive process. This means the predator has the heads up on any type of action that the victim is pursuing and the predator can use this insight to push the victim into scenarios that will help the predator take more control.

How is such a link or bond placed?

A link or bond is usually placed on a person's core essence or soul. It is placed in a spot that is most receptive to the psychic's talent or ability to influence the receptor. It is put in this position because it gives direct contact and infiltration past the shielding, and the natural defenses of the receptor.

Good shielding will keep these links or bonds from being placed on you. However, in the instance of psychic attack, the purpose of that attack would be to either weaken or drop your shielding to a point that the opening can be exploited and the link or bond can be placed.

The best way to accomplish this "psychic opening" is by using what I call "shock attacks". In short though, you need to beware of any individual that you know has psychic potential or ability that hits you with emotions or thoughts that change so suddenly and so quickly that you lose perspective about what it is that you are talking about in the first place.

How can you know if you have a link or bond placed upon you?

Links and Bonds are sometimes hard to find in oneself. Links are doubly more difficult because they are one way, initiator to receptor. Regardless, you can learn to find and cut given the correct mentality and technique.

Meditation and Psychic Attacks

If you are at a place where you are concerning yourself with links and bonds, I would assume you have some experience with meditation. The following meditation is one I gave to my students in the past (I no longer take on students), and does not have to be used but I find it effective in my own workings. Feel free to change the meditation or look into any other that you are more comfortable with.Comfort is very high on my list of meditation necessities however for some of you there will be other necessities that you use with your own methods..

Assume a position lying on your back. Clasp your hands together and think of utter darkness. Allow your mind to clear and once it is feel your heart beat and focus on it. Allow the rhythm of your breathing go into a stable, consistent pattern. Once you are in this position imagine a warm ball working its way up from your feet to your head. Focus on guiding the ball fluidly throughout your system. Imagine it as some kind of boat that is floating on your own energies. Once you hit something that is alien it becomes like rocks in a smoothly flowing river. These are the things that are not yours and most likely are links. Complete the scan going throughout your body and monitor where these items are placed. If you complete a total body scan and find nothing most likely you are energetically free and clean.

Once you have perfected this visual scan, you can do it faster and without having to lay down. If you are acting or more to the point reacting, in a way that seems unlike you usually do, it is an excellent time to make use of the scan. You may find that you are being manipulated or influenced rather than choosing on your own to act in that manner.

Removing A Link Or Bond

Now I know that I have a link or bond on me and I don't want it, what do I do?

Removing a link or bond is fairly simple when you know where they are. Return to your meditation and go back to where the ball encountered the foreign energy. There are a few ways to eradicate these links. One way is to burn them out. Imagine the ball of energy in your meditation increasing in intensity and heat - build this in your mind to the point that the other energies simply disintegrate. If this method doesn't work or if you want an alternative, you may choose to use that little ball you created as a knife. Visualize the ball "cutting" the energy off your core. Make sure you go to every place you felt these alien energies and repeat the process. Once you have finished do another quick scan making sure your energy is clear.

How do you prevent these links in the first place and keep them off after they have been removed?

Unfortunately, though taking off the links or bonds is easy, keeping them off is not. Dutiful shielding is a must. You need to be able to keep your shielding up at all times no matter the situation. There is no alternative for shielding unless you wish for others to have full access to stick links or whatever else on you. Even through your shielding may be very competent and strong there are cracks in any armor. It is doubtful that you will have one hundred percent protection from if indeed you are being targeted. Knowing your own energy effectively and thoroughly is a necessity and scanning yourself regularly will help keep you clear.

Tuesday, March 26, 2019

How To Become A Successful Fashion Runway Model - The Requirements

How To Be A Model

Facial structure, check. Thin, check. Tall, check. Great skin tone and quality, check.Runway fashion models are those models that catch all our eyes when we see runway previews online as well as on the television. They are stunning, striking and very sexy usually.

Becoming a runway fashion model does not happen overnight. It takes planning and setting long range goals at times.

Those top brands and designers such as Prada, Versace, Calvin Klein, Dolce & Gabbana, Moda, Gucci, Ralph Lauren, and Armani always are seeking new runway models.

So, how do you become a runway fashion model, or be considered for a position as a runway fashion model?

A desire to be the center of attention is certainly required, not minding the bright lights, glamor and wearing of high fashion clothing and accessories are all good starting points on the path of becoming a runway model.

It will require talent, hard work along with the right looks. These are the attributes needed to put those fashion items in the best light for those who design them.

Once you have those above things all in order, then you have to be prepared for what the designers will look at when they consider you for the position of a runway model.

They will focus on things such as your bone structure. Slim models are always in high demand, and this is simply because most designers clothing lines are made in very small and petite sizes. Of course this will exclude many of those looking to get into some areas of runway modeling. If you are considering using a modeling agency, you will have to keep in mind that most modeling agencies will have some very strict guidelines in regards to the sizes the model can wear. Many successful runway models are very young as this is the time that one will be at their slimmest.

Then comes the up and down look checking out your height. You have to be of a certain height to be considered by those high fashion designers. The height is not specific, however, the demand is for those considered tall.

Facial structure is another key element of focus that will be examined on attempting to start a career in high fashion runway modeling. Most successful models in the industry will have faces that are very symmetrical. Facial structure is very important as no matter where the model may be modeling, there will always be photos taken as well as videos.

Due to the high volume of photos and videos, your skin will be evaluated. To those in the runway modeling fashion industry, you need perfect, flawless skin. Not just on the face, but your whole body, as various parts of your body will always be showing as this is a highlight to the designer clothing or accessories that you are showing. By having that "perfect" skin, no makeup is needed to "appear" to have flawless skin. Makeup has a very bad habit of showing up under those very bright lights that are often harsh in nature.

Attitude is another requirement. Not just an attitude but the "right" attitude. This is a key essential for success in this industry. Being punctual is yet another area of focus. You want ant to be on time for all your fittings, rehearsals and such. The time slots are usually very narrow as there will be much going on with various models on a very tight schedule.

Runway modeling is a very frantic industry. In this type of environment, you have to have strong work ethics as well as discipline. Your ability to get along with a wide variety of people will be needed as well. You will find yourself traveling a lot and interacting with a large volume of different people of all various types.

Once you have all these key elements down and are ready to go, you will need to stop and create a portfolio. The portfolio is a very important factor in the career of a runway model. Your portfolio will need to contain head shots as well as photos of your "whole" self, full body shots. The portfolio is what modeling agencies will focus on when making the decision to hire you or not. Normally, one will need to work with a modeling agency, as these are the people that will get you bookings and allow you to get your foot in the door with some of the top designers. The main thing they will do is set up those very hard to get appointments so that you can be considered for employment with various design houses and scouts.

There are many categories of runway fashion modeling out there including swimwear, lingerie, seasonal fashions and much more. Many times you will not have the option to select just certain areas that you will model. The people in charge will want flexibility on your part to show off the various aspects of their designer lines.

With that all said and done, you are now ready for a career with those top brands and designers such as Prada, Versace, Calvin Klein, Dolce & Gabbana, Moda, Gucci, Ralph Lauren, and Armani.

Good luck and I hope this helps you with the question, "How To Be A Model!"