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Angels, Guardian Angels and Archangels

Angels are a separate creation, believed by some to be between God and human. By others, these are believed to be gods and goddesses, as to be distinguished from Gods and Goddesses. They are believed to be powerful beings, and archangels are believed to be very powerful beings. There are many types of angels. I will only discuss a few in this writing at this time. 

Guardian Angels

Many believe that we all have guardian angels that protect and guide us throughout our lives, assigned to us from birth. In a May 2004 Gallup poll, 72 percent of Americans said that they believe in angels. 

A guardian angel is assigned to you and never leaves your side. Some believe that you have one guardian angel and others believe that you have two. But all believers agree that your guardian angel is with you throughout your entire life. 

Communicating with Your Guardian Angel

According to the book Angel Therapy by Doreen Virtue, you can communicate with your guardian angel in many ways:
Letters. Write down your worries, questions and concerns and then your angels can assist you with your troubles.

  •  Visualization. You can visualize your angels using your mind’s eye. This can be a powerful experience in connecting to your angels. 

  •  Thinking. You can connect with your guardian angels by calling on them mentally. Angels do not need to hear a spoken word to come to your aid; they will come to your aid when they hear your thought. 

  •  Speaking. You can also speak to the guardian angels aloud. If speaking your mind comforts you, then speak to your angels and trust that they will come. 

Your angels are always there and they want to assist you with whatever is on your mind and in your heart. All you need to do is to ask for help and your angels are right there. According to Virtue, an angel will not interfere with a human’s life unless asked, except in a life-threatening situation. 

 A guardian angel’s inspiration

Whether or not you choose to communicate with your guardian angel, they are always ready to assist you with important matters in your life. They follow you throughout your day, guiding and protecting you. Your guardian angel may nudge you to do something, or nudge you to avoid doing something. You may get a good feeling about doing something – and this could very well come from your guardian angel. Your guardian angels are happy to inspire you whenever you need their assistance. 

It is comforting to know that your guardian angel is always there for you, when times are good and when times are troubling.


Archangels are angels who epitomize the fullest development of the qualities, attributes, and principles of the Universal Rays. Donning the sacred mantle of Archangel is a celebratory act of affirmation and of commitment to the unity of the greater whole. 

There are many angels, but the ranks of the archangels are limited by the necessity for members of their angelic order to be tried and tested, trustworthy to their starcore, and truly intent upon helping others. 

As Archangels, their prior actions and behavior serve as an exemplary role model for other angels and humans to aspire to as they traverse the universal evolutionary spirals. Archangels then are angels who epitomize the fullest development of the qualities, attributes, and principles of the Universal Rays. 

Archangels can also belong to one or more of the other orders of angels. To become a chief among angels, however, an angel must exhibit noteworthy capabilities, remarkable flexibility, and just leadership abilities. 

By embodying both the highest vibrational and the lightest resonance levels, they have consistently walked their talk, earning them both the honor and the privilege of becoming an angelic chieftain. 

As Archangels, their prior actions and behavior serve as an exemplary role model for other angels and humans to aspire to as they traverse the universal evolutionary spirals. The triune qualities of Love, Light, and Power are balanced in their consciousnesses and divine matrixes. 

Although the Archangels are also almost equally balanced in both their masculine and feminine polarities, they are all slightly skewed more towards one of the polarities than the other, making them either a male angel or a female angel. 

Today for the most part, there are an equal number of female and male Archangels serving on the Twelve Universal Rays. Supportive emissaries with bridging responsibilities, the Archangels span dimensional time and space to serve as patrons and protectors of humanity, bringing hallowed blessings and providing intercessional openings... 

The most widely recognized list of Archangels that have been overlighting earthly endeavors who are currently holding positions on one of the Twelve Universal Rays includes, Archangel Chamael, Archangel Gabriel, Archangel Jophiel, Archangel Michael, Archangel Raphael, Archangel Urriel (Urimiel), and Archangel Zadkiel. Dozens of other Archangels have now joined them, providing supportive assistance. 

Divine Plan patterning for each of the Twelve Universal Rays, which are washing the earth and its inhabitants with many hues of divine radiance at this time, includes one overall office with at many positions for both Archangels and Hierarchs. 

In order to maximize the grounding and manifestation of the Universal Ray energetic templates, the members form a cohesively interactive group that shares both the powers and the responsibilities for that Universal Ray in an evenhanded and equitable manner. 

Each of the Archangels who serves on one of the Twelve Universal Rays has a very distinctive soul-note or spiritual personality that reflects not only their current evolutionary status, but also their personal functional aspirations for the Universal Ray they work on and the modalities they use such as their primary stones, birds, trees, flowers, and essential oils. 

The words that describe and delineate the Archangels of the Universal Rays and their Sacred Sites were carefully chosen by each of them so that they would act as ignition keys, opening windows of understanding in those who read them. 

The symbolic tonal qualities of the position titles for each of the Twelve Universal Rays was carefully chosen to indicate the full import of the outworking of the Divine Plan for this local universe via the inherent interrelationship between name and form. 

Archangel Chamael, for example, brings powerful transmutation, fiery patterning, and vigorous visualization to the Ninth Ray of Divine Protection. He strengthens and imbues pursuers of transcendent metamorphosis with hopeful tenacity, as they continue, step by step, from potent penetrating vision to authoritative fulfilling actualization. 

The primary intentional goal of the Archangels of the Twelve Universal Rays is for these commendable "Archangel Caliber" functional responsibilities, modalities, and qualities to be regularly and routinely exhibited by humanity in daily life throughout the Natural Landscape... 

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