Saturday, December 31, 2011

Dell Ink Management Solution - Refurbished Ink Cartridge Low InkWarning Troubleshooting

There have been numerous incidents where Dell injet printers will not properly recognize re-manufactured ink cartridges.You will get the warning that the cartridge is "low" or "very low" on the black and/or color ink. The Dell solution is to purchase genuine Dell replacement cartridges. Of course these are the highest priced cartridges out there and there are cheaper alternatives such as the remanufactured to OEM spec cartridges. These cartridges are not only cheaper but they are good for a healthier environment.

This is a software issue. To solve the conflict for once and all without spending hours browsing forums, blogs and posts, the solution is to uninstall your Dell printer software, and then reinstall the software using the custom option. When using the custom option, but sure to NOT chose or check the option to install anything to do with ink level tracking. On the Dell V310 that this was just tried on, there was no "custom option" but the first window that came up displayed  the choice of three programs that could be installed and all three were checked. The first one was for Ink we simply unchecked that box and reinstalled the software. This solved the pop up error message saying that the newly installed re-manufactured ink cartridge was low or very low on ink.

The next step we took was setting the printer itself back to factory default settings. This was done after rebooting the p/c and the printer.

Okay, so you lose the option to "know" what your ink levels are, however, just keep an extra black and color refurbished cartridge on hand as backup, and when you run out of ink, install the backup and order one to replace your backup.


  1. This didn't work for me :(

  2. any other suggestions....besides buying a new printer or paying big money for dell ink?

  3. Hello Shelia,

    sorry this did not work for you, and eventually, it failed for us as well. What we did was buy a HP printer, no fancy bells or whistles like a scanner and such, just a solid little printer. The cartridges are more reasonable that the Dell cartridges. The Dell is still used as a scanner... I scan to flash drive and then upload to my computer.


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