Sunday, May 19, 2013

Spiritual Healing - Transformation

Recently this topic has come up several times, so I felt now was the time to share what I have about this with those requesting and those seeking.

Transformation is a very classical idea, and we see it in all world religions and spirituality. In Christianity,  Metanoia in the New Testament = a transformed mind.  The Holy Spirit is transformational, is also the spirit of truth.  God is onmipotent, therefore root-transformational.  Christ is a wayshower, sacred heart, communion, spiritual substances, et al, is transformational.

Insight as transformational = gnosis, jnana, prajna, etc.

Religious devotion is transformational - a love of God and truth, bhakti, hearing truth from a true teacher.

Real healing affects every part of us; spiritual, mental, emotional, energetic, physical.  Real healing affects the complete inner and the complete outer aspects of life, transforms them.  There is an aspect of eternity involved, so even if we grow by fits and starts, there is something permanent in a real transformation.

Real healing "moves energy," and is not just a mental phenomenon.  Part of moving energy is Spirit prevailing on us, on life circumstances, transforming them.

Define Supreme Being, Source, God, Mother Earth, Great Father, Spirit any way you like.  Just start somewhere, seek the best you can find for exemplars / teachers / inspiration, course correct as you go, move to greater and more workable truths as you go along.  Trust that greater and more workable truths will be revealed.

Validate ourself as Spirit, or pure consciousness, primordial purity, whatever you want to call it.

Real healing must involve the spiritual dimensions of life.

What works best naturally aligns spiritual truth, mind, emotion, feeling (a form of intuition), energy body, physical body, worldly life and circumstances.

There are no limits with Spirit.  To the extent that we are operating with limited ideas, Spirit cannot come through and transform in the moment.  We need to be prepared, purified, sincere, and ready to receive Spirit in the moment for the transformation of our own lives.  Every religion and spiritual path has its own language for this idea.  How closely clergy, members, adherents follow the core path of transformation is up to them.

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