Monday, June 10, 2013

Saggers and Sagging: Pants wearing below your ass! Grow up dudes! Be a man!

I use public transit here in Houston and am subjected to seeing these men (?) that run around town with their asses hanging out, not always covered by their boxers. To me, this is rude, unsanitary and very disrespectful to myself, others, and especially children.

Why show your asses? You want to know what I know? It is because you are advertising to the world that your ass is up for grabs and not by any female, but a male. Call it what you want...a style... a fashion... gang-related... You are saying that your ass is up for any male that may be drawn to it. "Bottom" line, lol. Pun intended!

Get real, get a life, and stop walking around like a person, or animal, that has a physical ailment, simply to keep your pants sorta up there dudes. If you are gay, which this implies, nothing wrong with being gay, but you don't have to advertise that way.... Try just being yourself... If you are just making a so called fashion statement, well, this certainly is not a fashion! You may refer to yourself as a "sagger", but come on, lol, do you even know what you are representing?

Stop offending women and children and men like myself! Pull your pants up. Be a MAN for a change.

Now, again, after I view this offending sight, over and over, you know what I have noticed? NO WOMEN are with these dudes... it is either a dude by themselves or with another dude. A woman is not going to hang with some male like that and be embarrassed. But, for whatever reason...again, "manly", the trend continues.

I guess by wearing your pants that low, no one can view how "little" your male parts are, versus wearing some nice, tight Levis where it would be evident that you were cheated on that male organ size from the beginning.

So, "low pants wearers" of the world, get real, get a life and learn what the word Aretha Franklin sings about "RESPECT" actually means, and be "cool".

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