Monday, June 3, 2013

What Is The Differences Between Ceremonial Magic and Living Magic?

Ceremonial Magic Versus Living Magic

I have heard many arguments and debates about Ceremonial Magic and Living Magic, but many of such discussions neglect to mention what the purposes and differences truly are.
The point I would like to make clear, is that unless somebody has practiced and/or experienced both
types of magic, I do not feel they could accurately make any valid comparison.
It would be much like the argument of which is better between planes and trains, those who prefer trains might say that it is better because of the scenery, the comfort, security... those who prefer planes might prefer the sense of freedom, floating above the landscape... But unless you have done both, could you "honestly" say that one is better than the other, when the purposes of each are often different even thought the main goal is quite simply to reach a destination?
Another accurate analogy, is to think of yourself like a car battery. Living magic is like a vehicles alternator or generator, while ceremonial magic is like a battery charger... a battery does quite well on just the alternator/generator, but it cannot be denied that a good charge is sometimes preferred or on occasion, needed... The charge from a car is long and slow, which makes it longer lasting and more enduring, but the charge from a battery charger is quick and sometimes stronger (higher current), though not as long-lasting... Does this make it any less potent or less desirable?
The thing to consider, is that if living magic is done daily, then should not something "special" or different be done for Holy-days and special occasions?
To say that Ceremonial magic is undesirable, is like being married without ever having a wedding, honeymoon or anniversaries, just as being strictly ceremonial, is like getting married but never being together. (Make any sense?)
I have been a practitioner of both and the energies are quite different and you can feel what is added to rituals and rites when care and preparation are done, when you care enough about what you are doing to consecrate items and attire and show care in the semantics... I am not saying its any better, it's just different...
With Living Magic, I have manifested and altered the weather, I have made ice and rain, I have summoned a bull, I had driven my car over 300K miles without maintenance or oil changes and for six years without any police attention (an amazing feat for anybody who has seen how I drive)... but with Ceremonial Magic, I have changed who I am, I had restructured my energies into more potent and more focused and useable energy...
One did not accomplish greater deeds than the other, they both do well, and with differing purpose...
Just something to think about... If you have never tried one or the other, then it is a strong recommendation to just try it... At least then, you can make your own valid comparison, or even better, find the best benefits of both!

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