Sunday, April 6, 2014

Great Unique Fashion Finds From Thrift Stores, Second-Hand Stores, Yard Sales, And Garage Sales

Unique In "Your" Fashion

When I am out and about running around town, I see many people in the course of a day. What amazes me is how many people tend to dress alike. There is a lack of uniqueness in the world of fashion today! It appears that everyone wants to be as cool as the next person. This could be based on age, race, culture, what is popular at the moment with those in the media, etc. Fashion at this level is not very creative in my way of thinking.

What myself, along with my lovely wife enjoying doing, is going to local thrift stores,such as The Salvation Army, Goodwill, Value Village, or Mom & Pop types of stores along with garage and yard sales. We find great and unique fashions that way! You can mix and match. Sometimes you will find name brand clothing and accessories that simply are not "fad" at the moment. Most of the name brand clothing is quality made and has many more good wears on them.
Growing up in the 60's and 70's, we both are pretty liberal with what we may chose to wear. If you remember those days, pretty much anything was fashionable, and many folks created their own fashions by mixing and matching a wide variety of styles. We still do that today. In reality, "today", as my wife brought home three new Polo shirts that I can wear to work for the fraction of the cost of new ones just this evening.
There is also the idea of helping out charities by purchasing from their thrift stores. Giving back by purchasing, plus donating when the opportunity presents itself. Both are "green" in nature by being a method of recycling.
For work clothing, for myself, there is no better choice. I hate "new" clothes to work in, even after a wash or two. I guess you could say I have sensitive skin or the likes, because new clothing will irritate me in various places. Especially new jeans! That is a nightmare! I work in an environment that can be harsh on clothing, as I work with a breeder and seller of Pet Sugar Gliders. These lovely little creatures are wonderful and loving. However, in the process of being loving, they like to crawl on your shoulders, hang onto your shirt, run down your back....all which is a tad harsh on some clothing as they have little feet with little sharp nails so snags can and will happen. Also, a snag or tear could result from a close encounter of the cage kind. So, second-hand, gently worn, and thrift store clothing is the way to go.
For those in construction work, second-hand clothing is a must. I used to do carpentry work as well as mechanic work, and it is pretty easy to trash some decent clothing in those fields of employment rather quickly.
Now, in this article, I am not talking about "geek" or "nerd" looking clothes... I am including some examples of second-hand clothing photos, and you will see that these clothes look pretty decent if I must say so myself.
Overall, the outstanding quality of this type of shopping provides you with the avenue to be unique in "your" fashion, and stand out in a crowd. You will be amazed at the many compliments that come your way as you are more noticeable that the "mainstream" fashion folks running around town.

A Goodwill Shopping Trip

Image Credits: Flickr Creative Commons

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