Friday, May 16, 2014

Google Sky Map - An Amazing Free Android App!

Become An Explorer Of Space With Google Sky Map

For the past several months we have been enjoying a free Android app from Google Play that is called Sky Map.  This app is open sourced and donated to Google Play for free downloads.

We are currently running it on two LG Optimus phones and it works extremely well. Upon viewing the
reviews on Google Play, you will see what you normally will see on all apps...some negative reviews.  I would presume it could well be dependent on what device you use this app on.

What I do like about Google Play is that it will tell you in advance if an app is compatible with your device.  Out of all the apps we have downloaded from Google Play, we have had no problems with them running properly on our devices.

Google Sky Map is a feature from Google Earth and works very much the same way.  With Google Sky Map, you simply point your device, outside or inside, up at the sky or even straight down, and it will show you what celestial bodies are in that direction at that particular point in time.

Last evening we were enjoying the app outside and what we thought was stars turned out to be actually planets.  It becomes very intriguing as you scan around with the device and observe so many things and so many great and specific details.

Download Google Sky Map

Enjoy the below short video that will give you further insight about Google Sky Map.

Google Sky Map - Discover and browse the night sky on your Android device.

Please do share your experience, new or old, about this app in comment.

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