Monday, May 26, 2014

It Appears That Bubblews Has Been Abandoned By Tech Support and Is Certainly Guilty Of Censoring Posts!

Bubblews Guilty Of Censorship

Update 8/24/2019: Bubblews is not in existence anymore. This remains published for research purposes.

Many of my followers on Bubblews may have noticed that I have been on the site less and less.  This is due to many reasons.

The first reason is the slow loading of pages and the error messages and pages that we all the time get.  You can not click over a few times on the site without getting an error message that the site is offline.

Secondly, comments double post on articles there. Plus, my member name there is pretty simple, "Dale".  Yet if you put that into the search on the site, I do not come up.  People have complained to me that they can not find me there!

Then I pop in to find a few weeks ago that folks are not being allowed to post messages in the comment boxes on our profiles. This was the only means that members could communicate with each other as no direct messaging is set up on the site.

Today I see that tags are not working.  The tags I am referencing are the ones at the bottom that identify subject matter of the article, like keywords.

All this is the signs of a website that is in the process of becoming abandoned, even if not fully yet.  I have seen it over the years.

There has been absolutely no upgrades or improvements on this site since I have been here.  That has been almost a year now.  False promises have been made over and over that things would get better.  Even back in 2013 they promised members that a mobile app would appear at the beginning of 2014.  Did one appear? Of course not.

Due to this fact and the inability for the site personal to deal with issues, I will be scarcer and scarcer on Bubblews.

Side note: This article was originally posted on Bubblews but the staff there pulled it for whatever reason.  I was not notified.

What this shows is now Bubblews is censoring what appears on their site.  They can not handle the truth of the matter that their lies to their members are surfacing. This contradicts what the CEO and Founder of Bubblews, Arvind,  states on his profile page, "We are the passion that the world so desperately needs. We all speak freely."  Notice that line about speaking freely.  Not true when a site pulls an article simply because of what it states above, which is all factual.

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