Sunday, June 22, 2014

New Policy For Email Requests For Spiritual Work and Magical Work

Consider Donating

Over the years I have gotten 1000's of requests via email for consultations, readings, spell work, magical work, spiritual work, healing work, etc.  I have always done my best to respond to each and every request without any hesitation. Also, if you enjoy the articles here on the blog, know that I have to pay for the domain name annually.

However, my time is limited as I work full time and am getting a tad older.  Plus on some of the requests, there are supplies that are needed which do cost money.

Keeping my time and any supplies in mind, it is now the policy for those requesting such help to consider making a donation via PayPal to help cover such costs including online hosting of my blog and websites.

If you would consider such a donation, please use the button below which allows you to choose whatever amount you can afford.

Preview Image

Image Credits: Dale

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