Friday, November 21, 2014

IcyBoards and Free MyBB Forum Hosting!

My MyBB Forum

MyBB Forum Platform With Free Hosting

Many folks have followed me in forum activity on Delphi forums for over a decade.  However, Delphi has many limitations and keeps wanting more and more money to allow you to have a decent forum there.

Another problem with Delphi is that you have to log in to participate in the forums.  This appears to block the Google bot that roams around looking for content to place into search engine results.  So, most of the material shared on the Delphi platform never makes it to the general public via a Google search.

After doing some research, I ran across a decent forum platform called MyBB.  I then searched for a hosting company this forum platform.  I found IcyBoards that supplies the latest MyBB platform and will host it for free.  (Update 8/24/2019) IcyBoards is no longer up and running.  I have not researched to find another hosting company. That being said, the review below is rather mute. I had not checked my forum in some is no longer being hosted there.

IcyBoards had some outstanding up time documented and a lot of wonderful reviews.  In fact, I could not find much that was said negatively about them.  Below are some highlights of IcyBoards and their MyBB forum platform.
  • 99.9% Up-time
  • Always Backed Up
  • Great Community
  • Fully Customizable
  • Rapid Support
  • #1 Forum Host!
  • Editable Template Files
  • Plugins/Mods
  • Your Own Domain!
So with all of this in mind I created my newest forum on IcyBoards using the MyBB forum platform. I then, of course, browsed around to find a custom theme for my new forum as I always like "unique" and a custom look.

So far I love the ability to do what all is offered and am still exploring a lot of options with the various plug ins as well and forum settings.

Some will ask how can they provide the great servers, great support and all with no cost to the user.  It is actually rather simple and is a concept used by many successful online sites and businesses today.  They run an ad on your forum.  From the ad is where they get revenue to keep things up and running. Quite a profitable venture.  I do the same on my blog, as well as YouTube, raking in some cash here and there all via Google Adsense ads.

During the set up process and getting familiar with the new forum, I have found some answers to some questions   Feel free to ask questions in comment below and I will get back with you on how I resolved some of the leading questions.

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