Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Opening The Floodgates

Emotions Flowing

It is in these times of weariness that I allow my senses to more fully open.  The inhibitions that I carry fade out just a bit to allow me to feel and sense in ways that I normally would close myself to.
Courtesy of Flickr Creative Commons

It is my belief that in most cases a steady case of detachment must be adhered to.  That our emotions must not rule our actions.  While this is an effective and efficient way of moving and practicing your craft at times it disallows a more full understanding of the people and creatures that you are dealing with on a consistent basis.

Opening the floodgates slowly once in a while keeps the emotional connections strong and allows you to remember important parts of yourself and see in others those same qualities that may not be getting enough clock time.  It helps to appreciate how deep our feelings might end up being and to reflect what we have been dealing with while merging those memories with the passions that have been held back.

Once I have had my feel of the passions that I let overwhelm me, the gates are shut once more and only a trickle of them is once again allowed to come forth in my interactions with most of those that I deal with.

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