Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Goodgame Empire - Goodgame Studios Review - Warning & Beware!

Goodgame Empire / Goodgame Studios Review

I have been playing this game, hosted out of Germany, for almost three years. It was a decent war game that provided adequate interaction between members with the alliance option.

Over the months the game has gone downhill.  They have created problems that cost members points, resources and men with fixes long in the making.  This ploy is to make members have to spend real cash money to make repairs and to replace men in order to continue the game.

The levels have become harder and the tasks have become almost impossible at the higher levels unless, once again, you spend hard cash to buy what you need to level up.

Support is a joke.  They do not respond, and when they do it is sarcastic with only apathy towards members.  Very hostile and very WW2 German attitudes if you ask me... The air of arrogance and superiority towards all members. 

I would recommend that you steer well away from this game unless you are kin to Trump or Howard Hughes and have lots of cash to play.  Folks that have cash have turned into bullies and are allowed to just harass other members to the point of you have two choices.  Spend cash to become stronger, or quit the game.

GGE, Goodgame Empire, has become nothing but another cash guzzling spam game with no concern for members.  It has steadily gotten worse and worse over the past 18 months.  There was a time that they cared, then they did a revamp, shutting down various aspects of their so called "empire", to save costs. Again, all about THEM making money and nothing else.

Do a Google search for a better game.  If you find something, please do share it here in comments for others to also check out.

Personally, I have spent quite a bit of cash on the game, but in moderation.  Moderation is something they can not and will not accept or comprehend.  They want hundreds of dollars out of you to be a valid competitor on the game.

Again, beware.  Play if you want, spend cash if you want, but you have been warned against doing so by someone who has been there a while.

The ability to create groups, or alliances as they call them, was the most attractive part of this game.  However the most recent ploy to make you spend cash attacked and destroyed many alliances with the only hope of continuing to spend hard earned cash to recover.

Also, note that Goodgame Empire encourages those who spend cash, to become bullies, threatening and destroying other members who are weaker.  What is sad about this game is that many members are kids, children, who have no idea what is happening and the bullies are adults.  This should be enough to have the game shut down, or black listed on Google Search and other search engines.

The reason I do not link to my account nor to the game is simply I don't condone bullying and will not be a part of a gateway to Goodgame Empire.

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