Monday, June 12, 2017

The Majority of Americans Today Simply Suck

Normally I don't delve into politics, however, I am so tired of the "losers", this time around, the Democrats, stumbling any progress this country can make. Previously it was Republicans. Those in Congress need to simply grow up.

Solution?  I have it. Do away with political parties and do away with Congress.  Both are expensive and unnecessary.  Simply elect the president on his or her ideas and thoughts of the direction this country should go.

All this bickering, and bitching, and whining by the sore losers, the Democrats, this time around, is so damn childish.  The Democrats are stopping America from being America.  True, in the past it was the Republicans. That being said, as some point we need to stop.

I am tired of the hate and the stumbling.

America is the laughing stock of the world.  I used to be proud to be an American, but really?  Everything our duly and legally elected president is attempting to do is being stumbled by the Democrats, using the courts and every other means they can strum up, to block everything the man is trying to do.  Lay off Trump, and stop being 5 year olds.  Geeze, I mean it.  It is so childish.  I am simply tired of it.

How tired you may ask?  You start posting political crap on my newsfeed on Facebook, you are not unfollowed, but I block your posts.  Simple to do.

Same as Twitter, Instagram and everywhere else.

We live in a Democracy.  We have an elected president, who is President Trump.  Americans simply needs to honor that and support our President.  It is the American way.  Luckily, in past decades, Americans were not puppets and passive, as they are now. The President, elected, was always supported by the majority. The media dictates Americans today.  Americans do not think.  They do not use rational, they simply follow the media and then make statements about "factual" conclusions they come to.  They lack the ability to "think" anymore.  They are puppets. They are chumps.

Who really gives a rat's arse about Trump's past?  Or Russian ties? Or lawsuits being brought to try and stumble him? Or this or that.  I damn sure don't.  Trump was elected.  Support the man, or get the hell out of Dodge!

You don't like my reasoning?  Tough. It is a reality. We are the dickheads of the world thanks to the citizens of the U.S.of A. Passive little creatures that they are.

Where is that stamina we used to have back in the day? It is lost. People just go to work, collect a check, read the media, and make up their mind without using their brains.  Total crap.  Total wimps.

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