Tuesday, July 18, 2017

How To Prevent Myself and Millions of Others from visiting your website

Instructions on how to intentionally loose Google traffic and other website traffic

How to loose traffic on the internet resulting in lost sales and viewers.  This will also result in people not sharing your website and material with their friends and family.  So, if this applies to you and you want to block folks from viewing your site, just do any or all of the below!  Guaranteed to work without fail!

Do you want to drive me immediately off of your website? Do the following and works every time!

1. Auto-play a video without my permission.

2. Do the above, then float the video down the page following me.

3. Pop up some advertisement in the middle of my screen while I am attempting to view your website.

4. Ask me if I am sure I want to leave your page with the pop up making me click again to close "my" browser. At that point you have hijacked my browser and you can bet I will never return to your website.

5. Load so many ads and scripts that the page never completely loads and I get the blue spinning circle on my cursor where the arrow should be.

6.  Tell me that I am running ad blocker.  Don't you think that I possibly know that I have installed ad blocker on "my" computer, and don't need a dictative website telling me that I have done so?

7.  Come up in Google search when I am searching for something and when I click in you block the content telling me I have to pay to view.  Google will soon be dropping your site(s) from coming up in search by the way.  Using Google in that commercial sense violates their TOS and is illegal.

8.  If I have visited your site and either viewed an item or bought an item and your ads follow me to places like Facebook and even this blog via Google Ads, I will boycott your site in the future.

9.  In other words, anytime you try to "run' my computer, or infringe on my space, you will loose my traffic and my business.

Perhaps some money hungry companies will see this and know that I am just one of millions who boycott your sites for the above hijacking and infringement.

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