Thursday, August 17, 2017

The American Reality - We are sitting ducks for North Korea and it is just a matter of time

America - The Sitting Ducks of the world

So let's ignore history proven.  Let North Korea gain full nuclear power, that allows it to continue to blackmail the United States of America as well as it's allies.

This is the way of the past.  America has become the pansies of the world.  Weak minded and very weak on actions that matter. Syria does not matter.  Iran does not matter. South Africa does not matter.  Venuezula does not matter.

What does matter is North Korea directly threatening not only Guam, but the Continental United States of America with a missile attack, nuclear or non-nuclear.  President Trump is weak.  I used to have faith in his ability to invoke fear and act as President Ronald Reagan did.  But, no....he is in cahoots with those who are ignorant and want a nuclear attack on the mainland of the United States of America.

The United States of American has many avenues to stop this provocation from North Korea.  We have proven it in the past, under administrations who had balls.  We do not need to do a nuclear strike on North Korea to solve the problem.  There are a ton of other available options to eliminate this mosquito to the world.

Why does the United State of American not act on stopping this threat from North Korea?  Only those rich folks in the world have the answer to that question.  Those that control the puppets of the world, like President Donald Trump.  Those who support the North Korean Regime.

One day, and sooner than later, those of us that remember ducking under school desks and lining the hallway walls in elementary school, will see a nuclear or even an EMT (Electromagnetic Pulse) attack on American soil.

We worry about the death of folks in South Korea?  What about the death of Americans on the homeland?

America used to be great and feared.  Now we are used by countries around the world, blackmailed and always we play the condescending role and give in.  What a sham, and what a shame.

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