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How To Become A Successful Fashion Runway Model - The Requirements

How To Be A Model

Facial structure, check. Thin, check. Tall, check. Great skin tone and quality, check.Runway fashion models are those models that catch all our eyes when we see runway previews online as well as on the television. They are stunning, striking and very sexy usually.

Becoming a runway fashion model does not happen overnight. It takes planning and setting long range goals at times.

Those top brands and designers such as Prada, Versace, Calvin Klein, Dolce & Gabbana, Moda, Gucci, Ralph Lauren, and Armani always are seeking new runway models.

So, how do you become a runway fashion model, or be considered for a position as a runway fashion model?

A desire to be the center of attention is certainly required, not minding the bright lights, glamor and wearing of high fashion clothing and accessories are all good starting points on the path of becoming a runway model.

It will require talent, hard work along with the right looks. These are the attributes needed to put those fashion items in the best light for those who design them.

Once you have those above things all in order, then you have to be prepared for what the designers will look at when they consider you for the position of a runway model.

They will focus on things such as your bone structure. Slim models are always in high demand, and this is simply because most designers clothing lines are made in very small and petite sizes. Of course this will exclude many of those looking to get into some areas of runway modeling. If you are considering using a modeling agency, you will have to keep in mind that most modeling agencies will have some very strict guidelines in regards to the sizes the model can wear. Many successful runway models are very young as this is the time that one will be at their slimmest.

Then comes the up and down look checking out your height. You have to be of a certain height to be considered by those high fashion designers. The height is not specific, however, the demand is for those considered tall.

Facial structure is another key element of focus that will be examined on attempting to start a career in high fashion runway modeling. Most successful models in the industry will have faces that are very symmetrical. Facial structure is very important as no matter where the model may be modeling, there will always be photos taken as well as videos.

Due to the high volume of photos and videos, your skin will be evaluated. To those in the runway modeling fashion industry, you need perfect, flawless skin. Not just on the face, but your whole body, as various parts of your body will always be showing as this is a highlight to the designer clothing or accessories that you are showing. By having that "perfect" skin, no makeup is needed to "appear" to have flawless skin. Makeup has a very bad habit of showing up under those very bright lights that are often harsh in nature.

Attitude is another requirement. Not just an attitude but the "right" attitude. This is a key essential for success in this industry. Being punctual is yet another area of focus. You want ant to be on time for all your fittings, rehearsals and such. The time slots are usually very narrow as there will be much going on with various models on a very tight schedule.

Runway modeling is a very frantic industry. In this type of environment, you have to have strong work ethics as well as discipline. Your ability to get along with a wide variety of people will be needed as well. You will find yourself traveling a lot and interacting with a large volume of different people of all various types.

Once you have all these key elements down and are ready to go, you will need to stop and create a portfolio. The portfolio is a very important factor in the career of a runway model. Your portfolio will need to contain head shots as well as photos of your "whole" self, full body shots. The portfolio is what modeling agencies will focus on when making the decision to hire you or not. Normally, one will need to work with a modeling agency, as these are the people that will get you bookings and allow you to get your foot in the door with some of the top designers. The main thing they will do is set up those very hard to get appointments so that you can be considered for employment with various design houses and scouts.

There are many categories of runway fashion modeling out there including swimwear, lingerie, seasonal fashions and much more. Many times you will not have the option to select just certain areas that you will model. The people in charge will want flexibility on your part to show off the various aspects of their designer lines.

With that all said and done, you are now ready for a career with those top brands and designers such as Prada, Versace, Calvin Klein, Dolce & Gabbana, Moda, Gucci, Ralph Lauren, and Armani.

Good luck and I hope this helps you with the question, "How To Be A Model!"

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