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Psychic Attacks and Predators: What Is the Difference Between Linking/Bonding and Chaining/Binding?

Psychic Attacks, Bindings and Chainings

Links and bonds naturally occur or can be created between people when we establish close, connected relationships. Consider the bond between a parent and a child, two close friends or lovers that allows for empathic awareness of those we care deeply for. However, links and bonds can also become a tool for what is called chaining or binding. Chaining or binding is a strategic process used in order to ensure a psychic predator a more favorable environment to work in. It goes well beyond a link or bond as the ports or openings are used to give insight to the victim's wants and fears as well as their cognitive and emotive process. This means the predator has the heads up on any type of action that the victim is pursuing and the predator can use this insight to push the victim into scenarios that will help the predator take more control.

How is such a link or bond placed?

A link or bond is usually placed on a person's core essence or soul. It is placed in a spot that is most receptive to the psychic's talent or ability to influence the receptor. It is put in this position because it gives direct contact and infiltration past the shielding, and the natural defenses of the receptor.

Good shielding will keep these links or bonds from being placed on you. However, in the instance of psychic attack, the purpose of that attack would be to either weaken or drop your shielding to a point that the opening can be exploited and the link or bond can be placed.

The best way to accomplish this "psychic opening" is by using what I call "shock attacks". In short though, you need to beware of any individual that you know has psychic potential or ability that hits you with emotions or thoughts that change so suddenly and so quickly that you lose perspective about what it is that you are talking about in the first place.

How can you know if you have a link or bond placed upon you?

Links and Bonds are sometimes hard to find in oneself. Links are doubly more difficult because they are one way, initiator to receptor. Regardless, you can learn to find and cut given the correct mentality and technique.

Meditation and Psychic Attacks

If you are at a place where you are concerning yourself with links and bonds, I would assume you have some experience with meditation. The following meditation is one I gave to my students in the past (I no longer take on students), and does not have to be used but I find it effective in my own workings. Feel free to change the meditation or look into any other that you are more comfortable with.Comfort is very high on my list of meditation necessities however for some of you there will be other necessities that you use with your own methods..

Assume a position lying on your back. Clasp your hands together and think of utter darkness. Allow your mind to clear and once it is feel your heart beat and focus on it. Allow the rhythm of your breathing go into a stable, consistent pattern. Once you are in this position imagine a warm ball working its way up from your feet to your head. Focus on guiding the ball fluidly throughout your system. Imagine it as some kind of boat that is floating on your own energies. Once you hit something that is alien it becomes like rocks in a smoothly flowing river. These are the things that are not yours and most likely are links. Complete the scan going throughout your body and monitor where these items are placed. If you complete a total body scan and find nothing most likely you are energetically free and clean.

Once you have perfected this visual scan, you can do it faster and without having to lay down. If you are acting or more to the point reacting, in a way that seems unlike you usually do, it is an excellent time to make use of the scan. You may find that you are being manipulated or influenced rather than choosing on your own to act in that manner.

Removing A Link Or Bond

Now I know that I have a link or bond on me and I don't want it, what do I do?

Removing a link or bond is fairly simple when you know where they are. Return to your meditation and go back to where the ball encountered the foreign energy. There are a few ways to eradicate these links. One way is to burn them out. Imagine the ball of energy in your meditation increasing in intensity and heat - build this in your mind to the point that the other energies simply disintegrate. If this method doesn't work or if you want an alternative, you may choose to use that little ball you created as a knife. Visualize the ball "cutting" the energy off your core. Make sure you go to every place you felt these alien energies and repeat the process. Once you have finished do another quick scan making sure your energy is clear.

How do you prevent these links in the first place and keep them off after they have been removed?

Unfortunately, though taking off the links or bonds is easy, keeping them off is not. Dutiful shielding is a must. You need to be able to keep your shielding up at all times no matter the situation. There is no alternative for shielding unless you wish for others to have full access to stick links or whatever else on you. Even through your shielding may be very competent and strong there are cracks in any armor. It is doubtful that you will have one hundred percent protection from if indeed you are being targeted. Knowing your own energy effectively and thoroughly is a necessity and scanning yourself regularly will help keep you clear.


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