Thursday, October 15, 2020

Salad spell

Mending quarrels in the home

Whether you share a home with friends or family, quarrels can be distressing for all concerned. Even in cases where it is obvious where the blame lies and easy to see the solution, the general unpleasantness of a disagreement can cast a shadow over the whole household. This spell works best where the occupants are accustomed to sharing meals together, because it will require all quarreling parties to participate in eating the results, as described below. 

In life we are often required to swallow the bitter as well as the sweet, and in magic there are ways of symbolizing this. The various salad leaves used here are a mixture of bitter and sweet-or, at least, nutty flavors. Cucumber is added to cool tempers down. Herbs, such as the basil and mint, have been used in magic for thousands of years, and their medicinal effects are put to good use here. For example, basil helps to allay depression and impatience. The spell works its magic by mixing leaves and herbs together in a harmonious fusion of taste, thus symbolizing the restoration of balance between opposites. Where better to achieve this than in the dining room, the focus of gossip, news, banter, and of course eating?

Cast this spell on a waxing or waning half- moon to attain a truce, on any day of the week.  

What you need...

  • One white and one black candle, approximately 6 inches/ 15 cm in length, placed in secure holders
  • Matches or a lighter
  • Equal amounts of these leaves: iceberg or 10110 rosso, plain leaf or oak leaf, spiderleaf or wild rocket, and corn salad/Iamb's leaf
  • Small bunch of fresh basil leaves
  • Small bunch of fresh mint leaves • I 6 thin slices of cucumber 
  • Honey and mustard dressing, made from wholegrain English mustard, honey, fresh lemon juice, virgin olive oil. and white-wine vinegar . 
  • One salad bowl 

 What to do...

  • Place all the ingredients on the dining room table, with the white candle to your right and the black candle to your left. .
  • Light the candles. 
  • Visualize a circle of silver light encompassing yourself and the tables and chairs. 
  • Take the iceberg or 10110 rosso and the plain leaf or oak leaf and place them in the salad bowl. saying: Bland-to-taste and bitter leaf Be you balanced in your grief. 
  • Take the spider leaf or wild rocket, and corn salad or lamb's leaf and place them in the bowl. saying: Peppered sweetness, ~avor mild Blend to tome that which is wild. 
  • Throw in the basil and mint, saying: Basil sweet to lift the mind Mint enjoin all to be kind. 
  • Finally. add the slices of cucumber, saying: Coolness full grown in hot season Bring combatants to cool reason. 
  • Mix together t he mustard, honey. lemon juice, olive oil, and vinegar to make the dressing, and add to the salad to freshen and bind it; then call everybody together to eat. 
  • When everyone has left the table, blowout the candles, but light them again at each subsequent meal until they have fully burned down. 

You are done!  Blessed Be.

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