Monday, September 21, 2020

Matchstick spell

 Protecting you from your enemies

There are times in all our lives when we feel in need of protection against the outside world, and against the ill will of others. The flip side of this is the need to feel positively supported, and this little bit of magic works on both principles. As well as guarding you from the "evil eye" of others' bad intentions, the matchstick figure created in this spell offers the blessings of the Sun to those in need of support. Thus it fends off ill feeling from outside the home, and nurtures the strength and support found within it. Of course, the spell will only work if you have truly not deserved the bad feelings of those who wish you harm. The matchsticks used here are shaped in a St. Andrew's cross arrangement. This X-shape has ancient origins, traditionally blocking entry and bringing love. The latter is seen in the way that we mark kisses on cards and letters-this is actually the symbol of the rune "Gifu," meaning "Gift," (and it is inscribed on the candle below). Rune wisdom tells us that Gifu signifies both the giving and receiving of gifts, and this spell should only be cast if there is a positive commitment to give and take in your relationships with friends and enemies alike. 

The spell should be done on a full or half-moon, to reflect your intentions of defending and bringing, and can take place on any day of the week.  

What you need

  • One needle. any size 
  • One tea light or votive candle
  • One matchbox with a lighting strip 
  • Three long wooden matches 
  • Ordinary matches or a lighter 
  • One length of black cotton. exactly nine times the length of the index finger on your writing hand 
  • Hammer 
  • One small tack 

What to do 

Place all the ingredients in the center of your living room. 

Using the needle, inscribe an "X" into the surface of the tea light or votive candle. 

Light the tea light or votive candle with ordinary matches or a lighter 

Visualize a double circle of light (with an inner and an outer ring) completely surrounding the room. 

Taking two of the long matches, with the heads upward, use the cotton to bind them into an X shape, and continue winding the cotton around them until it has all been used up, leaving just enough cotton to tie a loop and fasten off. 

Hold the matchstick X at a safe height above the candle flame, saying: Fend off harm, Nurture love, As below, So above. 

Take the third long match, light it, and with its flame light the heads of the bound matches, saying: So mote it be, before immediately blowing them out. 

Hammer the tack to your living room window frame, and hang the matchstick X in your window, where it can be seen from both inside and outside, if possible. 

The next time you go out of the house, bring back in with you a gift to be shared among all who live there, be it a plant, a candle, fruit, or some chocolate-and enjoy! 

You have completed this spell.

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