Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Mirror Spell

Welcoming good energies and defending against bad

In magic, mirrors are often used to reflect, bounce back, and intensify energy. This spell uses a double-sided mirror to reflect and bounce back ill intentions coming toward your house, and to intensify the good vibes inside it. Reflections and glass have long been associated with water, the element of balance, love and healing. These energies are welcome in any home, and as the inward-facing mirror meets the balance, love and healing generated by you, it will multiply it within the household. The outward-facing mirror, although intended to bounce back ill feelings to those sending them toward you, also restores balance, love, and healing in the lives of ill wishers once they are shown the error of their ways. When ill wishes are reflected back onto the sender, they are more likely to "see" how badly they are behaving. 

Using mirror magic in this way is not a "curse"; what the sender experiences is neither more nor less than they have sent toward you. This is an ethical and fair way to deal with bad "vibes" that originate from the resentment of others. Remember, the mirror will also bounce back positive energy to those who perform good deeds. Cast this spell on a Dark (New) Moon, which is best for building protection, and on a Saturday, the day of Saturn, which is the planet of boundaries and teacher of discipline.  

What you need:

  • One salt container with a flowhole 
  • One black candle, approximately 6 inches/ 15 cm in length, placed in a secure holder
  • Matches or lighter
  • One charcoal disk 
  • One fireproof container
  • One teaspoon of dried juniper berries 
  • One double-sided round mirror. or two single-sided round mirrors of similar size (any), glued back to back 

What to do:

  • Take a bath (using half a teaspoon of salt) prior to casting this spell, and work naked or at least barefoot. 
  • Place all ingredients in the center of the space in which you will be working. 
  • Sitting in the center of your working space, visualize a series of rings like those of the planet Saturn, encircling the entire room. 
  • Light the black candle, saying aloud: Saturn, planet of restriction, Guard my home from malediction, Guide into the right direction, All the good found in refection, To those seeking to attack, Reflect the ill and send it back.
  • Place the charcoal disk in the fireproof container, light it and when it glows red hot, sprinkle the juniper berries on it. 
  • Pass both sides of the mirror through the incense smoke, saying: Be purified. 
  • Place the mirror flat and pour salt onto it in the shape of an eye, saying: See all evil and turn it away. Whatever others do or say. 
  • Turn the mirror over, allowing the salt to fall to the ground, and pour salt onto the reverse surface in the same way, saying: See all good and magnify, Within whatever you espy. 
  • Take the mirror to a window at the front of your house, and hang or stand it there, placing the surface that is to bounce back evil vibes facing outward, and the surface that is to magnify good energies facing inward. 
  • Your magical mirror should now be left undisturbed.  

You are done!

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