Saturday, September 19, 2020

Fire rune spell

Transforming relaxation into energy

This spell helps you to maximize the benefits of a good, relaxing home life by turning it into energy whenever you feel the need. The old northern peoples of Scandinavia recognized the benefits of a stable home life: an ancient blessing for newly married couples wished "flag, flax, fodder and frig" for them, meaning hearth, clothing, food, and love. Happily, they have left us a legacy of their wisdom: an alphabet of "runes," magical symbols dating from pre-Christian times that were found scratched or carved onto stones. Combining the concept of the "hearthstone" with an appropriate rune symbol, this spell transforms the inner power generated by rest and nurtures it into a dynamic and fiery energy when you most need it. 

Open fires are rare in modern homes, but because it is the spirit of the hearth (rather than its physical presence) that counts, you should find a place that you feel is the "heart" of your living room, ideally near a source of heat. The rune used here is known as "Eoh" (pronounced "Eeyer"), which represents transformation. Appropriately for a spell that seeks swift change, Eoh resembles the zigzag shape made by lightning strikes. The best time for casting this spell is on a Sunday, the day of the Sun, and on a waxing moon, to attract energy.  

What you need

  • One sheet of old newspaper 
  • One smooth, palm-sized stone, oval and slightly flattened
  • One small pot of black craft oil paint 
  • One fine paintbrush 
  • One red candle, approximately 6 inches / 15 cm in length, placed in a secure holder 
  • Matches or a lighter 

What to do

  • Place all the ingredients on your "hearth," ensuring that the newspaper is positioned under the stone, paint, and brush. 
  • Light the candle, saying: I call upon the power of Fire, To work itself to my desire, Take the lightning from the storm, That energy shall be transformed, And with the blessing of the rune, It shall be mine within one moon. 
  • Paint the rune "Eoh" onto the center of one side of the stone. The rune should be approximately 1-1/2 inches / 4 cm high. 
  • Taking care not to smudge the wet paint, take the stone in both hands and, keeping your eyes on the symbol you have Just painted, chant toward it no fewer than 30 times the name of the rune: Eoh. 
  • When you have done this, lift the stone above your head in both hands, saying: By my breath and by my mote, By my blood and by my bones, Witness, Fire, this mark and note, The power held, In this stone, That whenever I need energy, As I will it, so shall it be. 
  • Place your hearthstone on your "hearth," and allow the candle to burn down safely next to it. Ensure that your "fire rune" stone is undisturbed for at least one moon cycle (a month). 
  • Thereafter, whenever you need to transform rest into energy, all you have to do is touch the stone, say the word "Eoh" aloud, and silently ask for the energy you need. 

You have completed the spell.


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