Sunday, October 5, 2014

Examining Pagan Spirituality: Is Your Religious Or Spiritual Path The Only "Right" Path?

Determine What Pagan Structure Works Best For You

Hecate Goddess of Crossroads
Courtesy Of Esta Weiss
I think my path is the best path. For me. You can read about my path here: What Is An Eclectic Pagan.  Nobody else can possibly walk my path precisely the way I do.  A) If you've seen me walk, you'd realize that trying to follow my lead is apt to lead to no good end!  B) Forcing oneself to even attempt to follow someone else precisely just never really works out very well for anyone.  The strain to force your stride to match that of another will harm you, so don't.

If one were inclined to think I had a great notion of how to get where we're all going and decided to join my little group heading up the mountain, they're still going to have to look for their own handholds and footings.  The general notions of how to get from A-Z can be the same, obviously. That's the framework of a religion or spiritual path.  We've got that.  We have a framework of dates and basic ritual structure to work within.  

But we work with a rather large Pagan pantheon of deities as well as other path's pantheons of deities, and we acknowledge that other pantheons exist and are also valid and some of us work with deities from more than one pantheon.  So, if one were wanting to join our coven and didn't have a relationship with a certain Pagan deity, that's not a problem.  You just have to find our framework suitable to your personal path.

Some religions and paths are far more structured than ours.  For many that structure makes sense, as they're not willing or able to create their own structure, but even the most circumscribed religion still cannot be followed by any two people the same exact way.  

Best example coming to mind at the moment is the relationships of multiple siblings to their parents.  Same parents, but every child relates to them in their own way.  The basic rules of the house remain exactly the same across the board for all of the children, yet each child will develop their own unique relationship with the parents, won't they? 

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