Sunday, October 26, 2014

What is Tsu, The New Social Site That Pays Revenue?

New Social Site Launches With Promises Of Revenue For Members

Update 8/24/2019: Tsu is no longer online.  Another bites the dust. I am leaving the article up for reference purposes.

On October 21, 2014 a new social platform was launched called Tsu. Many will say there are enough social networks out there already with Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc., and this is true.  What makes Tsu different is that it is classified not only as a social network, but a payment platform as well.  In other words you get paid for the content you post on Tsu based on views, shares, comments, etc.

The business platform seems to be one of the best in recent years.  The site launched with a $7,000,000.00 investment push by investors.  So there certainly appears to be some interest and confidence in Tsu and the platform it is offering.

The profits that are shared are paid with ad revenue from the various views.  The payment breakdown is pretty nice as well.  Tsu retains only 10 percent for themselves and the rest is passed on to the members.  Of the remaining balance fifty percent goes to the owner of the profile and content creator and the other fifty percent goes the member that brought the new member into the network. Further earnings and payout information is available on the site and can be viewed upon joining the site.

Some of the launch partners are LeAnn Rimes, 50 Cent, DJ Afrojack, Luol Deng from the Miami Heat, along with Olympian Doc Patton.  Some organizations also are launch partners such as EMA (Environmental Media Association and SBE Entertainment.  Sancus Capital Prive, a funding firm, supported Tsu's $7,000,000.00 funding round.

Of course with this new launch come the spammers which are slowly being weeded out and were anticipated by the creators of the site.  As with any public site, the spammers will come.  One of the BEST ways to get your account deleted from Tsu is to start spamming content about how well the site allows you to make money, and "please share this or that to make revenue."

I personally have joined Tsu (view my profile by clicking) and will write a review on this site after being there for some time and experiencing fully all of the various aspects.

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