Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Song of Anu

Goddess Anu (see note below)

He pushes, she pulls.
The Irish Goddess Anu
(Anand, Anann, Ana and Danu)
He takes, she gives.
He conquers, she mourns.
He moves, she remains.

He raises, she restores.
He thinks, she feels.
He plays, she watches.
He wounds, she reclaims.

He reasons, she knows.
He thrusts, she receives.
He acts, she waits.
He competes, she refrains.

The ebb and flow, the push and the pull
know better than us all.
The more you take to make yourself full,
the bigger the conqueror will fall.

Yet always have hope for in her heart
is the key to healing the pain.
Therein lies the mortar, the glue, a start
to fixing 'ol Dumpty again.

So if you feel her calling to you,
Do not be afraid to let go.
She'll cry her tears, the goddess Anu
and pull us all into her flow.

Stay, stay, stay with the fight
The revolution has not just begun.
But this, kind sir,'s not a battle of might.
Nor a battle of sword, nor gun.

Note: This song is a tribute to the Goddess Anu from the Irish and Celtic pantheon.  Sometimes she is also called Anand, Anann or Ana.  Some will refer to the Goddess Anu as also being Goddess Danu.

This is not in reference to the Sky-God Anu from the Sumerian pantheon.

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