Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Pagan Work Related Discrimination

The Silent Pagan In Reference To Employment

Pagan Discrimination - Flickr Creative Commons
I have been Pagan for most of my life.  I have enjoyed a large following and a wonderful and great group of friends online over the years.

Not to brag, but if I were to link to one of your articles you would get views.  That is simple fact that has been traced due to my followers on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ along with other sites.

Links and back-links will bring a site up in Google search and other search engines as well.  These links and backlinks are valued and well sought after by many as the more views you have the more successful you are online.  This applies to simply having a great following or selling something you may be offering.  The higher you rank with the search engines the more you will make from the increased views.

Now, here I am a Pagan witch who writes on various platforms including this blog. I used to link to the company I work for and provided back-links as well.  Analyses were done and it it was traceable that these such things worked to bring my employers website up in the searches.

However, about two years ago, I was told to drop all links and back-links as it may be offensive to some that I am Pagan.  I was further instructed to make sure I did not mention the company in anything I wrote about nor associate it with me at any level due to my Paganism.

What is intriguing to me is that most of the folks I know in the same business are Pagan minded on many levels and never had a problem with me being a Pagan or a witch.  I still am friends with very many work related folks.  By that I mean folks that are in the same business as I.

On Facebook I show my work as "Self-Employed" as I can not allude to the company I work for.  I had to drop all Linkedin content and links as well.  On Instagram I simply do not mention work.  It is sad that one has be in compliance with such a policy to keep one's job.

All said and done, I do not let it pull me down and I sincerely feel that the "company" has only hurt itself with such demands.  I can not and will not let anyone, nor a company tell me I can not be me or that I can not be Pagan.

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