Sunday, October 5, 2014

How To Ward Off Evil Or Negative Energies Using A Witch Bottle And Other Pagan Practices

Why Use A Witch Bottle?

A Witch Bottle "Guarding" Our Door
Recently I was asked how and why does one make a Witch Bottle to be used to ward off evil and/or negative energies from neighbors. Well, there are a few ways of making one and what the bottle contains deals with the working of the bottle. But basically you fill a vessel, a bottle or a jar or whatever with things to trap and repel malignant and negative intentions that are coming toward you.

Traditional witch bottles made for use with this problem used urine (one's own), blood (one's own), nails and screws to impale and drown the evil. You can use salt water, pins, red wine and rosemary if you're not quite up to the nastier version, however.

You place all of these items into the container. Also you can use almost anything that feels right to you. You basically want something to trap the energies (the vessel), to impale them (needles, pins, nails, thorns, etc.), drown them (wine, water, urine, etc.) and something of your own because you're the intended target (blood, hair, etc.). Add something that's repellent, like herbs (rosemary, sage, etc.) to keep evil away.

Then bury in the farthest place in your yard or in a place where it's not likely to be found or bothered. Incantations aren't necessary but you can either make one up or find some online.

There are some additional steps that can be taken as well that work in conjunction with the witch bottles for the problem mentioned above with neighbors. Below is my  preferred order of the various steps. These can be done in any order, some or all of them.
  • Then create an energy barrier (however you choose to do it. I cast a permanent circle but if that's not your way, do it how you feel comfortable) around the entire perimeter of your home. Concentrate on making it strong enough to repel anything negative coming at you while allowing good in.
  • Then make some witch bottles, as described above, and bury them in your yard, especially on the side where they live.
  • Then you can place some copper pennies in your window sills and doorjambs, along with sprinkling some cayenne pepper and sea salt across all entry ways.
Doing the above will certainly have you putting up some good wards to begin with to protect you from such negative energies traveling your way from neighbors.

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